Institutional Development Committee

September 9, 2016

Round Room, Piya Wiconi

Meeting called to order by Sandy at 10:06

Members present:  Lilias Jarding, Cliff Delong, Brett Bump, Andy Thomspon, Christine Stagnetto-Zweig,  Jason Funk, Tawa Ducheneaux, Requaw West, Sandy White Shield, Michelle Bruns,  Bill Young, Jim Dudek,  Jim Sinovia, Pat Lee,  Tammy Bauch, Verine White, Elizabeth Gibbons, Julie Johnson (ex-officio), Marcel Bull Bear,  Deig Sandoval, Milton Fineran, Pam Houston, and Monica Stambauch, Sandy Janis

        I.            Opening Prayer given by Jim Sinovia and Words of Wisdom from Verine White

      II.            Old Business

A.      Approval of Minutes from May – motion made by Cliff- 2nd by Bill.  Motion carried.

B.      Gmail/Google * discussion

a.       Cliff – put to Technology committee yesterday – unanimously passed by committee

                                                                                       i.      Still needs to be put forth to all of the OLC stakeholders

                                                                                     ii.      Would need to be completed between terms if/when done; pros and cons discussed

                                                                                    iii.      Everyone encourage all members to research the Google for Education; Jim Dudek will provide a demo at next meeting as well;  carried over for next meeting

    III.            New Business:

A.      Election of Officers

a.       Cliff moves to keep all officers as same. 2nd by Bill Young.  Motion carried.

b.      President – remains Sandy White Shield

c.       Vice – remains Cliff Delong

d.      Secretary – remains Michelle Bruns

B.      Policy and Procedures Subcommittee (L. Jarding)

a.       Next meeting will report

b.      Leslie Mesteth – packet of information from Registrar’s office(electronic filing, current OLC retention policy)

c.       Tasked to review and replace policy 39-000, and gave examples from Colorado College and Ithaca College: Tawa, Lilias, Requaw,Cliff, and Sandy  will form the committee to review policy ASAP

C.      Benefits Subcommittee

a.       New Chair – Andy Thompson

b.      No report at this time – costs will be going up to due to large claims this year; may be some reductions in dental and vision

c.       Report hopefully next year

d.      Currently open enrollment

D.      Technology Subcommittee (C. Delong)

a.       Received bids for 50 new laptops for students (~$500)

b.      Looked into “single sign on” with Google

c.       Jenzabar upgrades will occur over Christmas break

d.      Never have enough bandwidth – course scheduling became a large problem; network could not handle this; need to consider this when making course schedules

E.       Committee Charges (J. Johnson) ex-officio

a.       Hopefully next month

F.       Motion to adjourn

a.       Made by Cliff, made by Bill


Meeting adjourned at 10:58