Institutional Development Committee

November 4, 2016

Round Room, Piya Wiconi

Meeting called to order by Sandy at 10:52

Members present: Michelle Bruns, Tamara Bauck, Lilias Jarding, Jason Funk, Andy Thompson, Grady Brunsch, Requaw West, Nikki Pipe On Head, Cliff DeLong, Jim Sanovia, Tawa Ducheneaux, Eric Peltier, Elizabeth Gibbons, Pam Houston, Monica Stambach, Deig Sandoval, Bill Young, Christine Stagnetto-Zweig, Jim Dudek and Sandy White Shield.

        I.            Opening Prayer given by Cliff DeLong

      II.            Words of Wisdom by Eric Peltier

    III.            Old Business

A.      Approval of Minutes moved by Cliff DeLong 2nd by Grady with correction of attendance.  Motion accepted

B.      Records Retention Policy, Leslie Mesteth

a.       Policy had already been to Student Affairs, and it was turned back to IDC

b.      Leslie would like this to be an Institutional-wide document “umbrella” policy

                                                                                       i.      Policy changes suggested include: strike “Destruction” from name and change to “Disposition”, strike last paragraph on page 1. Page 2: striking “a.” and “b.” and the paragraph prior to, except for the last sentence “Paper or electronic documents indicated under the terms for retention may be transferred and maintained by the responsible department”.  Page3 – Striking the designation of the letters “c” and “d” but keeping the content within.

c.       Motion to approve policy by Cliff, with the changes noted above.  2nd by Lilias.  Motion carries.

    IV.            New Business:

A.      Policy and Procedures Subcommittee (L. Jarding)

a.       Part of 40 series polices have been worked on

B.      Benefits Subcommittee (A. Thompson)

C.      Technology Subcommittee (C. DeLong)

a.       Tom given charge to lock down College centers –estimated at $7K/per door (mag locks)

b.      DVR recorders  - we don’t have money in our budget to replace both these and put in mag locks; money was donated by employee to repair DVRs in Pine Ridge and HeSapa

c.       Blacklisting working for WIFI

d.      Need concensus from all stakeholders regarding email hosting change – Sandy will take document to PWO regarding google suite for education

D.      Committee Charges (J. Johnson) ex-officio

a.       Report on alternate Health Care Package

                                                               i.      The people that Julie has been trying to meet with have been unavailable – will be coming soon

E.       Attendance – Sandy will be keep us updated on attendance at IDC meetings

F.       Motion to adjourn made by Cliff 2nd by Bill

Meeting adjourned at 11:12