Institutional Development Committee

December 2, 2016

Round Room, Piya Wiconi

Meeting called to order by Sandy at 11:15

Members present: Nikki Pipe On Head, Christine Stagnetto-Zweig, Michelle Salvatore, Requaw West, Pat Lee, Bill Young, Lilias Jarding, Michelle Bruns, Sandy White Shield, Pam Houston, Deig Sandoval, Jason Funk, Julie Johnson, Elizabeth Gibbons, Cliff DeLong, Matthew Uses The Knife, Steph Sorbel, Rebecca Lone Elk, Jim Dudek, Tamara Bauck, Brett Bump, Monica Stambauch, Andy Thompson, Eric Peltier, and Tawa Ducheneaux

        I.            Opening Prayer given by Pat Lee

      II.            Words of wisdom given by Cliff

    III.            Old Business

A.      Approval of Minutes

a.       Cliff moved to approve by Cliff, 2nd by Bill. Motion carried.

    IV.            New Business:

A.      Policy and Procedures Subcommittee (L. Jarding)

a.       Retention document sent to Leslie; Tawa to review

B.      Benefits Subcommittee (A. Thompson)

a.       Nothing to report at this time

b.      Andy will bring report next meeting explaining letter that was received by all TIAA-CREF recipients

                                                               i.      Andy will also send explanation to be included with minutes for future reference

C.      Technology Subcommittee (Cliff DeLong)

a.       Been discussing 5 yr tech needs assessment next month; Tom will take G-mail to board next month personally

b.      2 vendors working on securing doors – both say will need a chip-lock; installation still an issue

c.       G-mail – postmaster suggested “sooner is better than later”

                                                               i.      Sandy sent link out regarding Google for education presentation

D.      Committee charges (J. Johnson) ex –officio

a.       Report on alternate Health Care Package

                                                               i.      Met with someone from American Horse school – we could qualify for Federal Blue Cross program as we have “638 funds, lowering costs significantly to employees

E.       Motion to adjourn made by Cliff, 2nd by Bill

Meeting adjourned at 11:42