In attendance:  Andrew Thompson, Jim Dudek, Dawn Frank, Sandy White Shield, Gerry Giraud, Sarah Danner,  Marilyn Pourier, Dan Koopman, and Leslie Henry. 


A discussion began about the relevance of the IRB v. IACUC committees reviewing the CAP projects of the Graduate Studies Department students.  In order that we have an efficient flow of this requirement a form should be developed to be utilized by students submitting projects for review in order that the Chair of the committee can ascertain if the project is exempt from review.  


Leslie Henry is exempting herself from any position on this committee as she is chair of the Animal Review Board. 

Andy Thompson volunteered as chair for one year.  Sarah was nominated for the chair position but declines due to work load.  Andy was nominated by Leslie with Sandy seconding.  The vote was unanimous to elect Andy. 


Sandy, Leslie and Jim will serve one year terms, with Andy, Dawn, Marilyn and Sarah serving two year terms.  At this point the committee is comprised of 6 members with 5 departments represented. 


Community members are needed.  By next meeting current members will offer community member names to be considered. 


Graduate Studies survey’s will be submitted in the next to weeks and will need to be reviewed by this committee soon.  Leslie mentions taking national test for review boards.  Dawn states that this test is being included as part of the GS course.  Dan has checked out some of these sites and will forward the sites to us.  Dr Giraud proposes that all members of the committee take the training.   Existing certificates will be accepted.  Andy will forward a list of approved trainings. 


A discussion ensued about the different kinds of projects that might come under review. 


Community committee members names are to be submitted at the next meeting on Tues, 10-18-05 in the Board room.  They should have the ability to read, have transportation, knowledge of the culture and language, and a willingness to complete the training. 


Sandy moved to adjourn, Dawn seconded.



Sandy White Shield