††††††††††††††††††††††† †††† 10-18-05


In attendance:Andrew Thompson, Jim Dudek, Dawn Frank, Sandy White Shield, Gerry Giraud, and Sarah Danner via speaker phone.The Chair recorded the minutes of the meeting.


Sarah discussed the USD Safe Passage project which had been approved by the USD IRB and the HIS/HHS office, and that reciprocity existed in these relationships. Gerry spoke of the ongoing project which had gone on for years autonomously without an OLC IRB approval, and that the first committee was formed in í03- 04.Sarah spoke of a study by Griminger in obstetrics/gynecology with a questionnaire, and what specifically would be the instructions.She mentioned a HPV (human papilloma virus) study of pre-cancerous cervical research, as an example


Dawn Frank reviewed the USD exempt research form, as was emailed to the members.Page 9 of 12 had a number of specific risks that must be addressed, and that a Lakota cultural and social protocol could be used in a similar way to ensure cultural sensitivity of projects at OLC.A specific clause could be added to review applications and community members could look at the cultural aspects of the proposals.Gerry wanted to ensure that community members werenít against research, and that the College was not against research as long as it was done with these things in mind.


Dawn brought up the names Ethleen Two Dog and Rick Two Dog as people who were good community member candidates, who were not against research, and Rick was involved in ceremonies and the Lakota culture.She needed to speak to them to see if they were willing to serve on the committee.


The Chair then summarized the discussion, that a Lakota Cultural protocol or procedure would be developed, and that this form or clause could be used as an addendum to the proposals that were approved by other IRBís like USD and IHS.Sarah moved that the committee accept the form (USD exempt research form) with changes,and develop a culturally appropriate attachment or addendum.The motion was seconded by Jim and passed unanimously.


The Chair then asked Dawn if she would develop the form or process to address the Lakota Culture concerns.Dawn said that for cultural sustainability in the research , the process would need to be developed with a working group of four or five elders over the course a few months, and that research models would need to be reviewed.There would need to be a budget for meals and mileage.Another point was that consultants may need to be hired in the future to review, or help to review proposals.


Community members were discussed and Sandy nominated Arvene Standing Elk.She was a community member, a Lakota, and employed at the Veterans Office in Martin. Sarah moved to accept Arvene as a community member, Jim seconded, vote was unanimous.With no further business the meeting was adjourned.