In attendance:  Members of the Committee: Andrew Thompson, Jim Dudek, Sandy White Shield, Dawn Frank, Arvene Standing Elk.  Others present: Ursula Gartner


The Chair called the meeting to order and Arvene said a prayer.  Ursula Gartner was introduced to the members present.


The agenda was then addressed item by item with the Chair bringing up questions raised by OLC faculty Paul Robertson about what is reviewable research.  The committee discussed the need for more public discussion of human subjects research review, especially with the faculty who need to submit research to the IRB.  Dawn suggested that work on policies and procedures would help in this process. 


The Chair then brought up the need for an IRB and Federal Wide Assurance application.  The committee reviewed OHRP application guidelines and discussed an application in light of the need for procedures.  Dawn asked if surveys done as a part of a class project need to come before the IRB in order to be put to use.


The Chiar stated that he had expected Cliff DeLong to attend the meeting, that he had requested to be put on the agenda to talk about the Institutional Affairs Committee.  Institutional Affairs wanted a report from the IRB as a part of the governance of the College. The policies of the IRB were reviewed and it was noted that the IRB was a standing committee that reported directly to the Vice-President for Instructional Affairs (Gerry Giraud) and that it wasn’t part of the College Governance.  Arvene moved that that we should post out our minutes with the VP for Instructional Affairs.  Dawn seconded the motion. The vote was called and unanimous in favor of the motion.


The Chair then brought up the question raised by Dr. Craig Howe during the review of the Community Action Projects (CAP) and School Community Action Projects (SCAP). Craig was asked to sign CAP/SCAP IRB applications as the principle investigator and he questioned what personal liability he might absorb if a project went awry. He thought he might be signing his life away.  Ursula mentioned that it was the College that faced liability, but that instructors needed to review their students’ work.    


Dawn moved to adjourn, Arvene seconded, motion carried.


Respectfully submitted,

Andrew Thompson, Chair