In attendance:  Members of the Committee: Andrew Thompson, Jim Dudek, Sarah Danner, Dawn Frank.  Others present: Sandy White Shield and Paul Robertson and Lenora Hudson.


There were three members present which did not constitute a quorum for the conduct of official committee business.  Jim Dudek met with the Chair after the meeting and concurred with its actions.  The members present did meet Lenora Hudson who is nominated for the committee by the Chair.  Lenora is the new OLC Support Services Director and she has several years IRB experience.


Paul Robertson asked about the use of representatives or board member proxies,  that he did not have such an authorization at this time,  but would it be allowed.  Andy stated it is specifically allowed by the federal IRB and it would depend on our own procedures,  but in the absence of such rules he would allow it.  The Policies of the committee as approved by the OLC/BOT do require at least one community member.  Paul said he remembers writing that in the policies.


The members present then discussed the need for the IRB and FWA registration process.  The Board had approved the application in January and that it should be completed this year.  Paul stated that the application forms were perfunctory, two and three page forms.  It would be a great help to the community of researchers.


Paul stated that he had a proposal due in September entitled Substance Abuse Protection /WPI which was a pilot program for child victims of sex abuse through the Wakan Pawiciyapi, that needs a Federal Wide Assurance.  Andy mentiond that there are for-profit IRBs that will review proposals, especially clinical/biomedical trials for a fee.  The OLC IRB could likewise charge a fee for non-OLC proposal review.


The consensus of the members present was that the full committee should meet next month on the 5th of May to complete the action begun in January, for an IRB and FWA registration with the Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Human Research Protection


Respectfully submitted,

Andrew Thompson, Chair