In attendance:  Members of the Committee: Andrew Thompson, Jim Dudek, Sandy White Shield for Dawn Frank,  Paul Robertson for Sarah Danner,  Richard Two Dogs, Ethleen Iron Cloud Two Dogs and Arvene Standing Elk.  Others present: Gerry Giraud, Mike Fredenberg and Mary Baird.


The meeting was called to order by Andy Thompson as Chair and Paul Robertson said a prayer.  Sarah Danner and Jim Dudek arrived later in the meeting.  Everyone introduced themselves as this was the first meeting attended by Rick and Ethleen as Community Members, and there were two other guests.


The Chair began a discussion of new business and the need for procedures for an application for a OHRP IRB and FWA Application.  Paul Robertson requested that Ethleen first give a presentation on their project which was not listed on the agenda.  The Chair then recognized Ethleen Two Dogs and Mary Baird.


Ethleen presented the project “Contextual Issues in Lakota Traditional Healing”, principle investigator Dr. Jeffery Henderson, University of Colorado and the Black Hills Center for American Indian Health, with some of the funding going to the local program.  Mary Baird is a research assistant and Dawn Frank is a paid liaison.  Ethleen stated that she was a representative of the program in this presentation capacity today, that it will be ideal for Dr. Henderson to make a presentation.  There is an IRB approval by Aberdeen, and the project is funded by NIH.  A copy of the proposal was circulated and copies would be made available.


 The Chair then recognized Mike Fredenberg who presented a grant program he headed  to fund scientific outreach to communities regarding environmental studies.  Funding for the project would be National Science Foundation through the Hopa organization.  Mike also gave a review of the status of his other non-human research math and science programs.


Paul then moved to have the IRB submit its applications for the Office of Human Research Protection’s IRB and FWA.  Ethleen seconded, the Chair called for the vote, the motion passed unanimously.


The Chair then discussed his meeting with Lisa Dillon of the OST Department of Health & Human Services.  There was general agreement about the need for a reservation-wide IRB process.  Rick noted that we need to watch the cultural sensitivity of research being done on the Pine Ridge.  Paul said that the IRB could seek to retrieve cultural artifacts and research notes and data that should be the property of the people.


Sarah moved to adjourn, Arvene seconded., motion carried.


Respectfully submitted,

Andrew Thompson, Chair