,Oglala Lakota College

Graduate Studies Department



 Date: __December 4, 2006____


Time:_1:15 pm____


Topic:_Internal Review Board Meeting_


Committee members Present:   _Guests: Marty Frogg, Archivest, Sheralda Mendoza, Paul Roberston, Eileen Iron Cloud Board Mbrs present: Andy Thompson, Rick Two Dogs, Arveen Standing Elk, Dawn Frank, Sandy White Shield, Jim Dudek, Leslie Henry


Topic/Agenda Item



Responsible Party

Time Due


Andy reported action taken on the following students requests:

Caroline Bettelyoun, Marilyn Cirlce Eagle, Lyle Iron Horn.

Minutes of last meeting

Correction of Sheralda’s name spelling, Rick moved to approve minutes, second by Dawn.  Approved unanimously.






Marty Frogg from the archives presented information storage information.





The archives hold good collections of local history.  Donors sometimes place restrictions on who can access information that they give the college.  Who ever donates can put the restrictions on the documents: ie medical data, family history data.  There was discussion regarding how the college can protect how the information housed in the archives can be protected.   

Recommended that Marty Frogg check on policy regarding dissemination of materials in archives and begin formulation of policy for OLC.  Andy would like to see IRB involvement in this. 




Oyate Ta Woakipa Etan Woasniye continuing presentation.



Eileen gave an explanation of what exactly the study encompasses.  Clarification was given in that the study will include all childhood trauma.  Sheralda went over the IRB questionnaire form.  Dawn offers that NIHB is the protocol that this IRB follows and thus the applicants need to follow that protocol.  Changes to the application include a change to greater than minimal risk, inclusion of counseling providers should they be needed and notation of monetary compensation. 

Dawn Frank moved to approve the Oyate Ta Woakipa Etan Woasniye application as given.  Arveen seconded.  Any change to the application must be brought before the IRB board. 



Tribal Research and review.



Any one who wants to go can go.  Clarification and streamlining needs to happen between that board and this.  How are we going to collaborate.




Meeting adjourned at 3:00 pm