In attendance- Members of the Committee: Andrew Thompson, Jim Dudek, Gerry Giraud, Dawn Frank, Ethleen and Rick Two Dogs.  Others present: Sandy White Shield and Mary Baird.  Sarah Danner arrived at 8:30 am


There was a quorum present, and the Chair called the meeting to order at 8:15.  A prayer was said by Rick Two Dogs. 


Discussion about committee membership, and the nomination of Lenora Hudson.  Lenora was at the meeting in April, but there was no quorum to elect her to the board.  Gerry said that all Ph.D.s of the College should be on the board, and that a quorum could consist of five being present.  The Chair called for the question and Ethleen moved to accept Lenora’s nomination, Dawn seconded the motion,  and the committee voted unanimously to add Lenora to the Board.


As Lisa Schrader-Dillon was not present the Chair moved to the next agenda item.  Jim moved to accept the minutes of the prior meeting as written, Ethlene seconded the motion and the vote taken was unanimous for the minutes as read.


Rick and Ethleen then presented information on the proposal “Contextual Issues in Traditional Lakota Healing which involved the College and the Black Hills Center for American Indian Health.  After lengthy discussion about the need for such research and of the appropriateness of Lakota spiritual protocol in the review of proposals, Sarah moved to accept the proposal subject to receiving the consent forms as acceptable to the Chair, and that an annual review of the project and exit interview or report be required. The motion was seconded by Jim Dudek.  Members Dawn, Ethleen and Rick excused themselves from the room and abstained from the voting. Chair called for the question and the vote was unanimous in favor. 


Other business presented were the IRB and FWA application forms as submitted to the Office of Human Research Protection (OHRP) and the Roster of Members.  There were comments and corrections made to the roster to reflect the membership as constituted, and the inclusion of proxy members for Dawn and Sarah.


Sarah Danner moved to adjourn, second by Gerry Giraud, all voted in favor and the meeting was closed.


Respectfully submitted,

Andrew Thompson, Chair