In attendance- members of the committee: Andrew Thompson, Jim Dudek, Gerry Giraud, Dawn Frank, Ethleen Iron Cloud-Two Dogs and Rick Two Dogs, Leslie Henry and Sarah Danner. Others present: Mike Fredenberg representing the VRFWT consortium.


There was a quorum present, and the Chair called the meeting to order at 2:15.  A prayer was said by Rick Two Dogs. 


There was a discussion about committee membership and the relationship of the IRB to the IACUC. The committee reviewed the Policy which included both IRB and IACUC.  Ethleen discussed the sacredness of animals as an area which needed further review with respect to protocol. Dawn stated that the two, the IRB and the IACUC needed separate protocols. Leslie brought up the membership of the two committees which was almost identical except for the community members and the veterinarian on the animal committee.  Gerry said that experts could be brought in as needed.  Gerry asked if something specific was being asked for, that a formal proposal should be made.  Discussion was tabled.


The election of officers was then called by the Chair.  The term of the chair was one year,  and board member terms were two years beginning with AY 05-06.  This is the second year for the board members. Jim nominated Andy for the Chair, and Leslie seconded the nomination.  Andy said that he would serve as administrator for the Board if someone else wanted to be the Chair. Gerry said the Chair should be a person from Administration because all the other board members were also chairs of their other departments. Discussion being complete, the vote was unanimous. The Chair asked if the board needed a Vice-chair or Secretary,  but a review of policy indicated no such positions being required.  Gerry said he would get a person to take minutes for the Board.


The minutes of 5/17/06 were then reviewed.  Minor changes in spelling were noted, and Dawn moved to accept, Leslie seconded, and the vote to accept the minutes of 5/17/06, as amended was unanimous.


Mike Fredenberg was then introduced by the Chair as the representative of the “Virtual Reality Fusion Welding Training” (VRFWT) project, the consortium consisting of OLC, SDSM&T, and WDTI.  Please see the attached Committee Concerns.  The Chair was directed to compile the minutes of the discussion, to forward them to the committee for review,  and then to send the concerns to Mike Fredenberg his consortium.


Sarah Danner then presented the “Early Predictors of Adverse Outcomes” study proposal of the University of South Dakota, Dr. Amy Elliott.  Please see the attached Committee Concerns.  The Chair was directed to compile the minutes of the discussion, to forward them to the committee for review, and then to send the concerns to Sarah Danner and Dr. Elliott.




                                                                                                Minutes of 8/21/06   page 2



Sarah then invited everyone to meet with Dr. Amy Elliott and Dr. Fiffer on next Tuesday as they would be on Campus and meeting with the Administration and President Short Bull.


Other/Old business.  The committee discussed the status the IRB vis-à-vis the Oglala Sioux Tribe’s review board and Lisa Dillon-Schrader.  The Chair apologized for not having any information on the Tribes ordinance supporting the OLC IRB from some years ago.  Ethleen said she would attempt a search of the record.


With no further business, Dawn moved to adjourn, Sarah Danner seconded, all voted in favor and the meeting was closed.


Respectfully submitted,

Andrew Thompson, Chair