In attendance- members of the committee: Andrew Thompson, Jim Dudek,  Dawn Frank, Ethleen Iron Cloud-Two Dogs and Rick Two Dogs, and Arvene Standing Elk. Others present: Monique Giago, Executive Director and Ramona White Plume, Program Officer, Wakanjeya Pawicayapi, Inc..


There was a quorum present, and the Chair called the meeting to order at 1:15.  A prayer was said by Rick Two Dogs.


The minutes from 8/21 were then reviewed, and Jim moved to accept the minutes with minor changes,  Lenora seconded the motion, and the vote was unanimous.


With the presence of the officers of Wakanjeya Pawicayapi, Inc, the order of the agenda was changed, and the Chair introduced the guests who then discussed their social programs at length.  The Chair then discussed the approval of the project entitled Contextual issues in Lakota Traditional Healing from the meeting in May17, 2006.  The attached interview guides served the purpose of the information required under the consent waiver due to the traditional language requirement.  Lenora raised three issues with the interview guide questions, which were acknowledged by Ethleen and to be forwarded to Dr. Henderson.  The guests were than excused, and Committee member Dawn Frank entered the meeting.


The Virtual Reality Fusion Welding Training proposal was then brought forward with the letter from Dale “Butch” Skillman from the SD School of Mines submitted in response to the committee’s concerns.  The committee raised the following issue with the proposal: The informed consent form should address a.) a disclaimer that the Indian Health Service may or may not provide free contract health care to Native Americansenrolled tribal members if they are treated at a non-Indian Health Service medical provider in Rapid City,  b.) that welding gasses are hazardous and pose short-term and long term risks from exposure;  and that information on student’s preferred health care provider(s) should be taken as a part of the experimental study enrollment.  Ethleen moved to direct the chair to seek these changes before the next meeting, Lenora seconded, the vote was unanimous. Discussion being complete, the vote was unanimous.


The Early Predictors of Adverse Neurological Outcomes project was then raised, and the letter from Dr. Amy Elliott was reviewed. The committee agreed on the need to address Dr. Amy Elliott’s letter items # 2, 6 and 8, and a motion was developed: That a.) the Principle Investigator needs to develop a formal process for transfer of the project records to the Tribe,  and b.) the process for contacting research participants who are thought to be at risk of suicide needs to utilize a professional qualified in social work methodologies,  and that if a person cannot be contacted by telephone then an in-person visit by the social worker should be arranged. Motion to approve by Ethleen, seconded by Dawn, vote to approve was yes- 5, no’s 1, Chair not voting, motion carried.  Jim Dudek went further to explain his “no” vote as more of a vote of confidence in the other two IRB’s which have review powers over the project ( HIS- Aberdeen and USD).  Jim also welcomed discussion of this matter.   Ethleen responded to Jim’s comment with emphasis on the sovereign status of the Oglala Sioux Tribe and the issues of tribal control of storage and access of data that pertains specifically to Oglala Sioux Tribal members.  Lenora responded to  (Note to Andy – get Lenora’s feedback on this). The committee also recommended the OLC Woksape Tipi and Marty Frogg as archive for data storage, as needed.


With no further business, Lenora moved to adjourn, Rick seconded the motion, and the vote was unanimous.


A prayer for the group and the College was then said in adjournment by Rick Two Dogs.




Respectfully Submitted


Andrew Thompson, Chair




Sarah Danner then presented the “Early Predictors of Adverse Outcomes” study proposal of the University of South Dakota, Dr. Amy Elliott.  Please see the attached Committee Concerns.  The Chair was directed to compile the minutes of the discussion, to forward them to the committee for review, and then to send the concerns to Sarah Danner and Dr. Elliott.




                                                                                                Minutes of 8/21/06   page 2



Sarah then invited everyone to meet with Dr. Amy Elliott and Dr. Pfiffer on next Tuesday as they would be on Campus and meeting with the Administration and President Short Bull.


Other/Old business.  The committee discussed the status the IRB vis-à-vis the Oglala Sioux Tribe’s review board and Lisa Dillon-Schrader.  The Chair apologized for not having any information on the Tribes ordinance supporting the OLC IRB from some years ago.  Ethleen said she would attempt a search of the record.


With no further business, Dawn moved to adjourn, Sarah Danner seconded, all voted in favor and the meeting was closed.


Respectfully submitted,

Andrew Thompson, Chair