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 Date: November 13, 2006__




Topic:_IRB Meeting__


Committee members Present:   _Guests: Sherelda Mendoza, Angie Sam Paul Robertson Regular members: Andy Thompson, Dawn Frank, Sandy White Shield, Leslie Henry;  Ethleen Iron Cloud Two Dogs, Rick Two Dogs _



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Oyate Ta Woakipa Etan Woasniye Program




Sherelda Mendoza from OyateTa Woakipa Etan Woasniye program. Andy distributed documents regarding this program.  Find out the needs of those affected by  child trauma.  Community members were used to find out the needs.  Two evidence based practices used to access criteria for helping families involved in child trauma.  Target population 3-18 years of age.  This program would assess the trauma and then follow the subject.  Standardized questionnaires would be used for the assessments and follow up would be at 3 month intervals for two years.  This will be done in collaboration with Wakanyeja Pawicayapi.  At some point clinical structures would be used including 3rd party billing.  Discussion relating to confidentiality and how that will be maintained in the program was entered into.  Dawn brought up that there was no need of linking names to intake questionnaires. Paul explained the procedure being used to insure that confidentiality be insured.  Information received from this study will help to stop trauma from being inflicted on children and how to use Lakota culture to help and stop trauma.  Discussion of what minimal risk is and how it can be fully informed to the parent.  Revised copies of interview guides for the Lakota Traditional Healing Research project were handed out by Ethleen.

Presentation is to be considered a draft.  Another packet will be presented before the next meeting as a final submission. 

Sherelda Mendoza

Nov 17, 06

Tribal Research Review Board





What are the roles of both committees?  We do not want to duplicate processes.  HHS committee was spending too much of its time reviewing research projects.  Because of this a committee was established to review research’s going on on the reserve.  The  committee would like to have representation from the OLC board on their board.  An invitation has been extended to the OLC IRB to have one of our members sit on their board.  Application fees will be charged and business licenses will be required for those people seeking tribal sanction.  Picture id’s will also be required of researchers to wear.  Letters of support are being reviewed as to procedures for getting them.  Tribal board has addressed cultural training with researchers.  The board has taken a stand on hiring local people to do interviewing for researchers.  Ethleen has a concern that people come and take away knowledge or information without releases defining exactly what will leave the reserve.  Intellectual property rights are included in community property.  The committee has addressed, in-part, these issues.    Paul poses the question about one entity getting information from an authorized entity.  Releases define how information will be used and with whom.   IDEA: HAVE A RESEARCH  DAY WERE PRESENTORS CAN GIVE THE FEEDBACK GAINED FROM THEIR RESEARCH FOR INTERESTED PARTIES ON THE RESERVE. 

Do people accessing archives have to come before us?  No. 

Song from a Sacred Mountain.  Tapes are in the archives.  Where does permission come from to use information gathered in interviews done in the 80”s.   Another person got information from the interviews and has published a book based on the information.  What are the procedures for use of OLC archival materials.  Ethics of being a tribal member, of what information needs to be protected information needs to be shared needs to be determined in communities.

Perhaps the two groups should meet and stream line the process for outside groups as well as reservation groups. 


Andy Thompson will go to the Tribal committee meetings. 

Next meeting is Dec. 14 at the Health Admin Building at 10:00. 

Bring Marty Frogg in to discuss archival protocal

Andy Thompson










Andy Thompson


Dec. 14, 10:00, Health Administration, Pine Ridge. 







Possibly Dec meeting


Review of Agenda and Reports





Ethleen moved to accept minutes of 9-18-06, Dawn seconded, approved unanimous, one exemption. 


Andy presented the report that was given to the Board of  Directors which they had accepted at their meeting. 


Open House at Wakanyeja Pawicayapi on Nov 30, All are invited to attend.


Paul moved to adjourn, Rick seconded.  Passed unanimously.  Closing prayer by Rick

Clarification that Paul Robertson and Sandy White Shield are designated as proxies for Dawn Frank.

Reminder that terms end at the end of this year. 

Next meeting will be Monday, December 4, 2006 tentatively in the lower level of  the Cultural Center