Oglala Lakota College

Graduate Studies Department



 Date: __April 30, 2007____


Time:_1:15 pm____


Topic: Internal Review Board Meeting_


Guests: Dr. Gerry Giraud, Board Members present: Eileen Iron Cloud, Andy Thompson, Rick Two Dogs, Arvine Standing Elk, Sandy White Shield for Dawn Frank, Sarah Danner, and Jim Dudek  Members Absent: Leslie Henry, Lenora Hudson


Topic/Agenda Item



Responsible Party

Time Due


Andy reported action taken on the following agenda items.

1  Minutes of 12/4/06

2  Review of the Annual Report




Motion to accept the Minutes of 12/4/06 by Jim Dudek, second by Arvene, Vote was unanimous to Accept the Minutes.

Motion to accept the annual Report by Sarah, second by Ethleen, vote to Accepted the Report was unanimous



Andy made awards of Certificates of Appreciation to the Community Members,  Dr. Giraud,  and the committee members.





Ethleen and Rick were leaving Pine Ridge for Albuquerque, New Mexico

New Community members need to be solicited,  and policy was that members had terms of 2 years.  Arvene needed to continue in capacity until new nominations were made in the fall.


Adjournment by acclamation


Fall, 2007