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Instructional Affairs Minutes


SEPT 13, 2002

Math & Science Room

1:15 pm


Incumbent President Mike Fredenburg opened meeting.  Stephanie Charging Eagle gave prayer.


First order of business was election of officers for academic year 2002-2003.





Nominations open for President of Instructional Affairs Committee:          

MOTION by Loren Young to nominate incumbent Mike Fredenburg for the position of President.

                        SECOND by Dr. Kent Jensen.


Motion for nominations to cease, seconded.


Unanimous vote to retain Mike Fredenburg as President of  Instructional Affairs Committee for academic year 2002-2003.



            Nomination open for Vice President of Instructional Affairs Committee:

MOTION by Brent Bump to nominate Holly Boomer for position of Vice President.

                        SECOND by John Bandy.


Motion for nominations to cease, seconded.


Unanimous vote for Holly Boomer as Vice President of Instructional Affairs Committee for academic year 2002-2003.



            Nominations open for Secretary of Instructional Affairs Committee:

MOTION by Elaine Murphy to nominate Michelle May for position of Recording Secretary.

                        SECOND by Holly Boomer.


Motion for nominations to cease, seconded.


Unanimous vote for Michelle May as Recording Secretary of Instructional Affairs Committee for academic year 2002-2003.



Fredenburg stated the remaining charge from last academic year was the distance learning policy.  He requested recollections from others of additional charges from last year that had not been dealt with.


Discussion ensued about organizing a subcommittee to address the distance learning policy that would encompass different issues pertinent to distance learning.  This would also include review of current policy pictel remuneration.


Dr. Kim Winkleman joined the informal discussion referencing the importance of on line learning and increasing OLC capabilities in order to stay competitive with other institutions. 


Those attending the meeting acknowledged the importance of technical capabilities and the following topics are some of the issues that would be complimented and enhanced with the increase in on line capabilities:

-Student Recruitment

-On-line Registration

-Faculty role in determining course sequencing/scheduling

-Feedback for students

-Faculty advisors

-New programs

-Center staff training


There was a suggestion of developing a list of charges for the committee to consider.  Elaine Murphy stated the charges must come through the administration to the committee, i.e., VP for Instruction via the department chairs, President,  and/or Piya Wiconi Okolakiciyape.  Dr. Winkelman stated he would bring charges to the committee in writing.


Responsibility of the Instructional Affairs Committee was discussed. Dr. KC Jensen suggested the checklist for curriculum changes that must come to this committee be posted on-line for maximum efficiency in addressing any changes.


Each member of the committee gave introductions.



FIRST READING of new curriculum from the IT Department.  A copy of the document was submitted to the recording secretary. It was noted the document needed a routing sheet for procedures.


Discussion ensured about format, requirements, prerequisites and such.  No action was taken.  


                        MOTION by John Bandy to adjourn.

SECONDED by Elaine Murphy.


Meeting adjourned at 1:45pm.



Att:     1st Reading, New Course IT Department

            Sign-in sheet w/e-mail addresses








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