OCT 18, 2002

Math & Science Room

1:00 pm


President Mike Fredenberg called the meeting to order.  Stephanie Charging Eagle gave the invocation.

Members provided minutes of the September 13, 2002 meeting with attachments.  Corrections and additions were made to e-mail addresses.


MOTION by Loren Young to accept minutes as recorded for September 13, 2002.

SECOND by Brett Bump.

Unanimous voice vote to accept.



President Fredenberg stated he did not have a written agenda however he identified three topics:

1.              IT course request: Second Reading

2.              Request administration charges from Dr. Winkelman. i.e., chairs’ meeting question, re: mileage.

3.              Subcommittee assignments.



1.         IT Course-Second Reading


MOTION by Elaine Murphy to consider the IT course request.

SECOND by Holly Boomer.


Discussion centered on course level, prerequisites, distance learning, and errors on form.


CALL FOR THE QUESTION:   Unanimous voice vote to disapprove and return to originator for corrections and clarifications.


2.         Request administration charges from Dr. Winkelman. i.e., chairs’ meeting questions, re: mileage.


Dr. Winkelman stated he welcomes and requests  input from faculty, understanding there are academic as well as administrative points to make.  Concerns from faculty should be in writing for him to address effectively with administration.


 Discussion by various committee members centered on advising activity, outcome expectations, current/correct status sheets, SPR 2003 course schedule request (deadline was today), concern for sequencing issues found this semester, and required courses need more academic control.


Dr. Winkelman stated he appreciated the concerns voiced during the discussion, he stated more time was needed for on-line registration implementation to involve counselors, instructors, directors, and departments.


Anthony Fresquez addressed the committee on the issue of the all staff meeting being scheduled at the same time as the faculty retreat.  Fresquez suggests all staff be moved.



Fresquez makes a MOTION with six components:

  1. Instructional Affairs Committee charges come from the survey for the faculty retreat.
  2. The Instructional Affairs Committee monitor and review the catalog for academic year 2003/04.
  3. Core and program course scheduling rotation come from each department.
  4. Issues from the Faculty Society come to the Instructional Affairs Committee.
  5. Committee check the self-study for NCA review and academic issues or corrections.
  6. The policy/procedure manual, which is posted on the web, including the distance-learning policy, should be reviewed for academic concern like the new distance learning policy.




The motion was determined to be too cumbersome and was suggested to be broken up.


MOTION by Anthony Fresquez that Instructional Affairs Committee monitor the catalog for corrections, development and correlation of course rotation scheduling being done by each department.  SECOND by Loren Young.

Approved: Unanimous


Limited discussion on the protocol the faculty society will develop and follow to deal with issues.


MOTION by Anthony Fresquez to address priorities from the faculty retreat survey analyzed by Dr. Jensen, which he will post on the server list, so we can determine the issues that will be considered by this Committee, including any recommendations from the Bush Committee, as it is a sub-committee of the Instructional Affairs Committee.  SECOND by Elaine Murphy.

            Approved: Unanimous


Extensive discussion on the committee structure and responsibilities, i.e. ‘chain of command’.


MOTION by Anthony Fresquez that the Instructional Affairs Committee review/monitor the self-study document and policy/procedures manual for an academic perspective.  SECOND by Loren Young.


Question and discussion as to the Institutional Affairs Committee responsibility for the policy/procedure manual, possible double duty, oversight, and consideration of committee structure involving other committees and PWO. 


Fresquez requested a friendly amendment or willingness to WITHDRAW THE MOTION if the SECOND Loren Young agrees.  Loren Young agreed to withdrawal of the motion.





3.         SUB-COMMITTEES:


Steven Platt

Karen Lone Hill

Emma Gallego

Loren Young

Chuck Touseull

John Bandy

Jean Reeves

Catalog & Dept. Scheduling

Anthony Fresquez

Stephanie Charging Eagle

Ida Red Bear

Carol Whalen

Kim He Crow

Elaine Murphy

Distance Learning

Loren Young

John Bandy

Kent Jensen

Brett Bump


Hrae Boomer

Loren Young

Emma Gallego

Elaine Murphy

Carol Whalen

Jean Reeves

Summer School

John Bandy

Chuck Touseull

Emma Gallego

Art Fisher





President Fredenberg called for new business.


Darla Korol stated arrangements had been made through the University of Wisconsin for an individual to provide training on the American Disabilities Act.  She thanked Dr. Winkelman for making this possible.


The all staff date was discussed including open dates and how that affects scheduling of PWO.


The Committee members brainstormed charges possible for Instructional Affairs, some of those included:  Online registration; faculty schedule during registration; alternative sessions for classes and summer school.


Dr. Winkelman stated he favored expansion of summer school programs, separate contracts for instructors and summer immersion programs.  It was noted summer school can be an issue for lack of funds associated with student Pell grants, which translates into fiscal crisis for students, and the summer school contract formula costs for instructors.


Dr. Winkelman clarified an additional issue of faculty having to fill out time cards as being a requirement of ‘time proportionate’ for grant-funded positions.


                        MOTION by Brett Bump to adjourn.  SECOND by Elaine Murphy.

                        Approve:  Unanimous





Michelle May, Recorder




Mike Fredenberg, President


Att:     2nd Reading, New Course – IT Department

            Corrected e-mail addresses for Instructional Affairs Committee