Nov. 8, 2002

Math & Science Room -1:00 pm


Vice-president Holly Boomer called the meeting to order.  Michelle May gave the invocation.

Members provided minutes of the October 18, 2002 meeting with attachments.


MOTION by Dr. Kent Jensen to accept minutes as recorded for October 18, 2002.

SECOND by Dr. John Bandy.

Unanimous voice vote to accept.



Holly called for Old Business.


Dr. Kent Jensen provided copies of the open survey summary developed for direction at the faculty retreat and to assist in identifying charges that the committee may want to consider. He provided Dr. Winkelman with a copy of the survey summary before this meeting.


Marty and Ida Red Bear went over the faculty retreat logistics.  The retreat will begin at 1:00 pm, Friday, November 15, 2002 at the Ramada Inn in Rapid City, SD.  Marty Red Bear will be in charge of on-site registration.


Discussion on sub-committee meetings concerning members signing up and being on too many sub-committees.  Loren Young stated there were at least two additional issues for the mileage sub-committee on faculty travel.  They are He Sapa and independent study faculty travel.  Holly stated those could be considered in the mileage sub-committee meetings.

Holly called for New Business.


Art Fisher, Dean of Education, requested input on the Education Department changing 12 credit hours to graduate level in the Special Education component.  He understood the department could run a program without committee approval for one year.  Tony Fresquez thought it was for a semester. 



Holly called for New Business.


Art Fisher stated he had received authorization from Gerald Gohering, South Dakota State Certification Director, to initiate a Special Education Graduate Degree Program at OLC, which is over and above this initial request of changing existing courses to 12 graduate credit hours in the existing program.  Gerald Gohering suggested OLC also have an articulation agreement with another college with a graduate degree program in special education.


MOTION by Anthony Fresquez that Instructional Affairs Committee approve and support OLC Education Department efforts changing some courses to graduate credit hours (12 hrs) from the existing special education program, which would continue undergraduate credit and reflect duel numbering for those courses.

SECOND Jean Reeves.

Approved: Unanimous


Discussion reflecting NCA’s review and the need to keep them advised of academic developments like the SPED program.


Stacy Phelps presented an IT Department modified Course Request as Andy Conrad could not be here today.  He distributed a course syllabus, corrected curriculum form and the recommendation form for the new course request for IT 383.


Issues of concern from the last meeting, which disapproved and returned the IT 383 course request after the second reading included course overlap, lack of prerequisites for a 300 level course, and errors on the curriculum form.  Stacy responded to all the concerns.


MOTION by Anthony Fresquez to accept the Course request for IT 383. 

SECOND Shannon Calitri.

            Approved: 14

            Disapprove: None

            Abstain: 2


Changes and Additions made to SUB-COMMITTEES:


Steven Platt

Karen Lone Hill

Emma Gallego

Loren Young

Chuck Touseull

John Bandy

Jean Reeves

Allen Hatch

Catalog & Dept. Scheduling

Anthony Fresquez

Stephanie Charging Eagle

Ida Red Bear

Carol Whalen

Kim He Crow

Elaine Murphy

Janet Red Feather

Distance Learning

Loren Young

John Bandy

Kent Jensen

Brett Bump

Shannon Calitri


Hrae Boomer

Loren Young

Emma Gallego

Elaine Murphy

Carol Whalen

Jean Reeves

Summer School

John Bandy

Chuck Touseull

Emma Gallego

Art Fisher


Bush Committee

Kent Jensen

Marty Red Bear

Ida Red Bear

Neva Zephier



                        MOTION by Loren Young to adjourn. 

SECOND John Bandy.

                        Approve:  Unanimous

                        Full committee adjourned to subcommittee meetings.





Michelle May, Recorder




Mike Fredenberg, President


Att:     3rd Reading, New Approved Course – IT Department

            Training Needs Assessment Summary