Dec. 6, 2002

Math & Science Room -1:00 pm


Chairperson Mike Fredenberg called the meeting to order.  Charlie White Buffalo gave the invocation.


Members provided minutes of November 8, 2002.


Note addition of John Bandy to Bush Committee.


MOTION by Dr. Kent Jensen to accept minutes as recorded, with noted change, for November 8, 2002.  SECOND Ida Red Bear.

Unanimous voice vote to accept.


Mike announced Piya Wiconi Okolakiciye committee had approved the IT 383 course at their last meeting.


Mike called for Old Business.


*bold denotes chair of sub-committee

Changes and Additions made to SUB-COMMITTEES:


Allen Hatch

Chuck Touseull

Emma Gallego

Jean Reeves

John Bandy

Karen Lone Hill

Loren Young

Steven Platt

Catalog & Dept. Scheduling

Anthony Fresquez

Carol Whalen

Elaine Murphy

Ida Red Bear

Janet Red Feather

Kim He Crow

Stephanie Charging Eagle

Distance Learning

Brett Bump

John Bandy

Kent Jensen

Loren Young

Shannon Calitri


Carol Whalen

Elaine Murphy

Emma Gallego

Hrae Boomer

Jean Reeves

Loren Young

Summer School

Art Fisher

Chuck Touseull

Emma Gallego

John Bandy


Bush Committee

Kent Jensen

Ida Red Bear

Marty Red Bear

John Bandy

Neva Zephier



Distance Learning Committee-

Kent Jensen stated he and Shannon Calitri were the only members that met.  Mike indicated Andy Conrad requested to be on the Distance Learning Sub-Committee.


Bush Committee-

Kent Jensen gave a brief follow-up on the faculty retreat reporting they were paying the last of the costs.  Andy Conrad requested financial assistance from the Bush Committee for the web-based course for faculty scheduled the week of December 16 at He Sapa Center. Kent stated the deadline for Bush expenditures was February or March 2003.


Catalog & Department Scheduling -

Carol Whalen stated the sub-committee met and agreed to assist Dr. Winkelman in the Team Elite program.


Summer School-

No meeting



Loren Young and the sub-committee met and submitted minutes for review.  The Committee members also reviewed the recommended policy/procedure manual revisions for faculty mileage.


General discussion followed on topics related to mileage:  He Sapa Center off reservation no full time faculty; stats for type and number of faculty should be obtained from the registrar’s office; reservation wide pictel classes and independent study receiving no mileage compensation while college receives tuition; Piya Wiconi could be considered a valid pictel site; faculty homesite as a recognized office may be a ‘wording’ issue with IRS; mileage paid from reservation line tied in with historical tradition and philosophy; mileage payment  adjunct versus full time instructors;  some departments provide round trip mileage for instructors living on the reservation teaching at He Sapa Center; minimum mileage under 10 miles.


Each point made in the Mileage sub-committee report was discussed and supported for further review and consideration.


Mike called for New Business.



Andy Conrad requested a first reading of a four-course (total of 12 hrs) curriculum as Special Projects at the graduate level leading to an e-certification program.  The first course begins December 16-20, 2002 at the He Sapa Center. Discussion on graduate level, duel numbering, NCA issues, pre-requisites, master’s degree in distance education, etc.


Request Andy Conrad to use the checklist for curriculum changes and provide syllabi for the courses.


Norma Cummings, adjunct instructor, stated Shannon County Schools at Rockyford was providing training for teachers in e-certification skills.


MOTION by Kent Jensen to adjourn.  SECOND Anthony Fresquez.

                        Approve:  Unanimous

                        Full committee adjourned -2:00pm



Michelle May, Recorder



Mike Fredenberg, Chairperson


Att:     First  Reading, Four New Courses/One Program –

 IT Department under Special Projects

            Mileage Sub-Committee Meeting Minutes