January 24, 2003

Pictel Room -1:00 pm


Chairperson Mike Fredenberg called the meeting to order. A moment of silence was observed for the family of Charlie White Buffalo.


Members were provided meeting minutes of December 6, 2002.


MOTION by Loren Young to accept minutes as recorded with corrections noted below for December 6, 2002. SECOND Brett Bump.

Unanimous voice vote to accept.


Dr. Winkelman was not on the attendance roster and should be.


The Catalog & Department Scheduling sub-committee report of Dec. 6, 2002 should be the Registration sub-committee and noted the Catalog & Department Scheduling sub-committee did not present. Neither the Catalog & Department Scheduling nor Registration sub-committee will have designated chairpersons.


Mike called for Old Business.


Sub-committee Reports


Summer School-

Short meeting resulting in agreement to locate Tribal Colleges that have summer school programs or have provided summer school classes. The gathering of information from these institutions will result in developing a survey tool to assess their experiences.


John Bandy stated Human Services will provide summer school courses; expenses will be paid out of adjunct faculty budget. Discussion of Pell money for summer school classes and problems for student funding for the fall classes.


Bush Committee-

Kent Jensen stated the money for this year had been spent and the second year grant funds would begin in March of 2003.


Distance Learning Committee-

Did not meet.



Carol Whalen stated that on the Dec. 6 minutes the sub-committee on Catalog & Department Scheduling should have been Registration sub-committee as they agreed to assist Dr. Winkelman in the Team Elite program.


Catalog & Department Scheduling –

Janet Red Feather stated the sub-committee was developing forms reflecting

#1- Chairs, district directors, faculty review for accuracy, changes, etc.

#2- Requesting Department Chairs recommend course sequencing.

#3- Requesting input from administration.



Loren Young stated they had a quick meeting with discussion of the He Sapa center.


Mike called for New Business.




Andy Conrad presented handouts for the second and final reading of a four-course (total of 12 hrs) curriculum/Special Projects at the graduate level leading to an e-certification program.

Committee request Andy Conrad to provide a summary cover sheet outlining the program and return next month to present program summary. Andy Conrad presented the group with a status sheet reflecting the course work


MOTION by Kent Jensen to accept stand alone courses.

SECOND Loren Young.

                        Approve: Unanimous



Kent Jensen presented the 1st reading of proposed new courses and changes to integrated environmental sciences status sheets.

Changes to the Integrated Environmental Sciences Status Sheets.

Conservation Biology Option (CB)

Earth Science Option (ES)

UD – Upper Division

LS – Lakota Studies


  1. Addition of new courses
    1. Bio 343 Wildlife Law & Enforcement to UD electives (CB)
    2. Bio 403 Herpetology to UD electives (CB)
    3. EnS 304 Integrated Environmental Science to UD Core (CB & ES)
    4. EnS 483 Renewable Energy Technologies to UD Core (ES)
    5. EnS 473 Applications of Geographic Information Systems to UD electives (CB & ES)
  2. Deletion of Courses
    1. EnS 314 Foundations of Env. Sci. I (replaced by EnS 304)
    2. EnS 324 Foundations of Env. Sci. II
    3. Bio 483 Wildlife Radiotelemetry
  3. Other Changes
    1. LSci 303 Lakota & the Environment in the LS requirements in place of a LS elective (ES & CB


Refer to the attached documents for breakdown of changes for each status sheet.








John Bandy took the role as chair.



Mike Fredenberg presented a 1st Reading for course revisions in the Math department. The preparation for intermediate algebra would be better served by new course sequencing. Mike identified the old math sequence while proposing a new math sequence. Discussion centered on the purpose for revision, which was the old sequence, did not adequately prepare students for college algebra.


The new sequence will be Math 103 and Math 104, which is elementary and intermediate algebra for which the same textbook will be used. The numbering system will have to be worked out with the registrar. The new sequence will include Math 083 integrating 011 & 021; Math 093 will integrate 031 & 041.


Loren Young opened discussion on vocational associate degrees becoming 2 year certificates consequently the requirements of general studies would be excluded. This change in structure would allow more time for actual skills courses and more timely completion of the programs.


Ongoing discussion included that the end result of this process would be less informed citizens resulting in worker robots. Trade schools are in place to serve a portion of the population that prefers vocational skills as opposed to a liberal education.





Michelle May, Recorder



Mike Fredenberg, Chairperson


Att:  -Second Reading, Four New Courses/One Program – Andy Conrad- IT Dept./Sp.Proj.

            -First Reading, Integrated Environmental Sciences – Dr. K. Jensen

            -First Reading, Basic Math Course Revisions– Mike Fredenberg

            -Sub-committee roster

            -Attendance roster











*Bold denotes chair of sub-committee


Allen Hatch

Chuck Touseull

Emma Gallego

Jean Reeves

John Bandy

Karen Lone Hill

Loren Young

Steven Platt

Catalog & Dept. Scheduling

Anthony Fresquez

Carol Whalen

Elaine Murphy

Ida Red Bear

Janet Red Feather

Kim He Crow

Stephanie Charging Eagle

Distance Learning

Brett Bump

John Bandy

Kent Jensen

Loren Young

Shannon Calitri


Carol Whalen

Elaine Murphy

Emma Gallego

Hrae Boomer

Jean Reeves

Loren Young

Summer School

Art Fisher

Chuck Touseull

Emma Gallego

John Bandy


Bush Committee

Kent Jensen

Ida Red Bear

Marty Red Bear

John Bandy

Neva Zephier