Instructional Affairs Committee


Minutes:  10/15/04


Call meeting to Order – 11:10 A.M. by Chairperson Anthony Fresquez

24 members in attendance:   12 members in attendance




Opening Prayer- Archie Beauvais


Approval of Agenda               Motion by Ida Red Bear to approve the agenda and                                                         second by Andy Conrad.



Approval of minutes               moved by Pat Lee to accept minutes second by                                                                   Martin Red Bear


Arlene Quist:                          Discussed mileage and presented a counter proposal by                                                    President Tom Short Bull     

                                                51% of the faulty needs to approve any changes.



Dr. Winkleman                       discussed the need for the chair of each department to                                                   have an office at Piya Wiconi.

                                                If faculty agrees to get mileage from home to center                                                       sites, Dr. Winkleman’s staff will assist in making copies,                                                             but that materials should be taken in ahead of time.

                                                Motion by Jerry Lessert to send President Shortbulls                                                            proposal to the faculty committee, second by Andy Conrad

                                                Yes      10        No 15              abstained        0

                                                Discussion regarding the mileage issue.

                                                Paul Robertson stated that the Faculty Senate is not   

                                                official. yet

                                                Holly Boomer suggested that this issue be sent to a                                                                  division meeting to discuss the issue.

                                                Pat Less suggested that the faculty meet on an informal                                                  basis and make some recommendation


Dr. C. Howe:                           We want to be a University in 2011Without faculty at Piya                                                        Wiconi there will be no academic, we will be like the                                                     University of Phoenix, and what are we losing? 






                                                Motion by Paul Robertson to reconstitute President Short                                                      bull proposal

                                                Second by Jean Bailey

                                                Vote: yes         17        no        5          abstained        3


Sheris Red Feather:              Sheris Red Feather brought in curriculum changes for the                                                           1st reading.

                                                Motion by Andy Conrad to approve

                                                Second by Pat Lee.

                                                Approved unanimously


Dr, G. Giraud:                          Previewed with committee on General Education                                                                       Assessment.  We need to have the endorsement by October                                                     2004 and have it done expeditiously as possible

                                                Instructional Affairs committee accepted and moved on.

                                                Motion by Andy Conrad, to approve General Education                                                           Philosophy second by Mike Fredenberg.

                                                Vote:    Unanimous


Recess for lunch @ 12:00

Resume meeting @ 1:10 p.m.


Anthony Fresquez recall meeting back to order. Quorum is established



                        Point of protocol, if all staff ends before noon, sub committees will                                 meet at 1:00-1:30 then go to the regular meeting, should all staff                                         end at 12:00 then we will meet as a committee @ 1:30 then go to the sub                          committee meetings.


Old Business:   

                        Ref:     10-09-04          minutes

                        Review the 9 charges of Vice President passed out at the first meeting.

                        Item #1 is finalized        .

                        It is important that you address all nine charges.

                        Assessment was discussed as a committee

                        Item #7 was questioned


Mike Fredenberg

Stephanie Charging Eagle: Discussed curriculum changes and was referred to the                                                      curriculum committee for review.

                                                No questions





Andy Conrad:             Distance Learning

                                                A draft was sent out and has not received a response                                                    yet, like NCA requirement 16 points of reference-                                                               address those and we will be in compliance.


                                                Dr. Saunders is reviewing definition distance learning                                                     as related to courses and independent study.




1.         Doug Noyes, report attached

2.         Shannon Calitri- Waiting for clarification on policy and forms

            Working on Faculty evaluation


Anthony Frequez:       Refer all evaluations to Carol Whalen and committee.

                                    Tony cannot work on the mileage issue, who wants to

                                    Volunteer, there is a change to reconstitute the presidents                                                          counter proposal:

Volunteers:                   Ty Bush


                                    Jerry Lessert


                                    Mike Fredenberg moved to table the issue on research

                                    Second by Jean Reeves

                                    Passed- unanimously


Ida Red Bear:            Discussion on Retreat in Rapid City, requested all forms be turned                                             in ASAP,


New Business:


Stephanie Charging Eagle:    Submitted new graduate programs proposal with status                                                             sheet attached

Mike Fredenberg:                     Submitted his proposal, with the 1st cohort with 10                                                                    students in the area of MA in NaR&Es-graduate core will                                                         be the same.

                                                Motion by Andy Conrad to accept proposal second Archie                                                       Beauvais.

                                                Vote:    Passed unanimously


                                                The new graduate MA in Education with four emphases           

                                                December 6th is the deadline, if missed February 6th will                                                            be the next deadline                                                     


                                                Motion by Andy Conrad, second by Jerry Lessert to                                                     accept the first reading, present to full committee for                                                      the November meeting.


Adjournment:             Motion by Dan. Koopman to adjourn and move to sub-                                                      committee meeting, second by Jerry Lessert

                                                Vote:   Unanimously