Members Present:

Jean Bailey                   Archie Beauvais            Holly Boomer  Brett Bump       Shannon Calitri            Gloria Eastman            Mike Fredenberg         

Anthony Fresquez         Ed Haug                       Kimberly He Crow       Leslie Henry    

Billi Hornbeck              Dan Koopman              Patrick Lee                   Jerry Lessert

Karen Lone Hill            Michelle May               Brenda McGlynn          Tate win Means

Kateri Montileaux         Vera Mousseau            Doug Noyes                 Steven Platt

Ida Red Bear                Martin Red Bear           Jean Reeves                 Georgia Rooks

Brett Swanson              Jim Taulman                 Vina White Hawk


Members Absent:

Tracy Arroba               Andy Conrad               Craig Howe                  Tim Reddy      

Paul Robertson Carol Whalen


The committee was broken into three small groups to discuss Tom Short bull’s directive regarding the New OLC goal to be University 2011.  Each group was directed to designate a recorder and after the group discussion the report was given to Tony Fresquez to give to Shortbull.


Break for Lunch.


Anthony Fresquez:        called meeting to order @ 1:45


Archie Beauvais:           Opening Prayer-


Approval of minutes:     Moved by Holly Boomer second by Archie Beauvais with                                                         correction and add the recording secretary’s name       


Anthony Fresquez:        PWO- passed General Education philosophy; Labs were taken out                                           of the proposal; typos were corrected then will now moves to the                                      Board of Trustees for approval.


                                    Announcement:  At the last special meeting other alternatives were                                 discussed and Anthony Fresquez was selected to replace Dr.                                            Winkelman until a new person was hired for the VP’s position.

.                                   Tony thinks it will be about 60 to 90 days before another VP is                                                 hired.

Holly Boomer               Holly stated that it may take up to a year.


                                    The committee discussed the issue of the IA Presidency position,                                              

                                    Brett Bump moved to promote Holly Boomer to the IA President                                              and Brett Bump volunteered to be the vice president of IA

                                    Second by:      

                                    The motion passed unanimously in favor of Holly becoming the                                      IA President with Brett Bump as the VP.





Kim He Crow:             

                                    Brought in the second reading for the MA program

                                    Holly Boomer moved to accept, second by Mike Fredenberg


Discussion:                   Regarding the definition on Distance Learning:

Shannon stated that it didn’t need to say enrollment of 30, the class # should stay with the current policy or be set by the instructor because some class on Blackboard can host 30 while others

`                                   may be able to teach only 15 students Holly Boomer: the policy is not being followed.

                                    Enforcement policy is an issue

                                    Billi Hornbeck was asked about the policy, she stated that the                                       policy is a level 100-200 needs to have 8 students and 300-400                                        level classes need to have 6 students.

Refer back to the subcommittee to make changes and bring back to the committee.




Jim Taulman:                 Had a question on the definition, committee agrees there needs to be a modification of wording on the distance education policy.


Document passed with a unanimous vote.



Ty Busch:                     Subcommittee on the mileage issue was discussed and no decision was made.


Mike Fredenberg:         Mike Fredenberg moved to table the mileage issue

                                    Second by Holly Boomer

                                    23 for   2 abstentions    2 opposed


Doug Noyes:                Discussed last meeting and explained clarification from the Assessment Director. (Minutes from last meeting are attached)

                                    The question was “What is the committee’s role” the response was to deal with placement testing and general education.

                                    The other issue was accreditation verses assessment.



Jean Bailey:                  Brought to the floor the first reading for the Graduate Program, which was sent to the curriculum committee,

                                    The other question was regarding the 314/514 math, the committee felt there is a need for higher math in the NaRs Graduate Degree.

                                    Jean felt it was important to include experience and math as part of the screening process.

                                    Mike Fredenberg suggested not voting on his component until Stephanie is at the next meeting.

                                    Shannon Calitri moved to accept a 3rd reading

                                    Second by Pat Lee

                                    Passed unanimously

Ida Red Bear:               Faculty Retreat will be held in Rapid City’s Alex Johnson, all participants were told to be there, stipends would be given out at the end of the each day.


New Business:


                                     Mike Fredenberg asked “can we have a university in a decentralized campus”?

                                    All recorders give your copy of the discussion groups to Tony Fresquez. The group recorders are:  Jean Reeves, Gloria Eastman and Doug Noyes.


                                    There was some discussion regarding The PhD program in K-12 Administration, K-12 Education and that if one is interested the Mat test will cost $65.00


Adjournment:                Leslie Henry moved to adjourn

                                    Second by Ida Red Bear

                                    Passed unanimously