Instructional Affairs Committee Meeting



Members Present:  Archie Beauvais, Brett Bump, Shannon Calitri, Mike Fredenberg,

 Anthony Fresquez, Ed Haug, Kimberly He Crow, Leslie Henry, Billi Hornbeck, Daniel Koopman, Patrick Lee, Jerry Lessert, Karen Lone Hill, Michelle May, Steven Platt, Ida Red Bear, Martin Red Bear, Jean Reeves, Georgia Rooks, Brett Swanson, Jim Taulman, Carol Whalen,   Doug Noyes, Kateri Montileaux and guest or new member: Dallas Krausch, Susie White Thunder


Members Absent:  Tracy Arroba, Jean Bailey, Holly R. Boomer (excused), Andy Conrad (excused) , Craig Howe, Brenda McGlynn, Tate win Means-excused, (excused), Vera Mousseau (excused), Tim Reddy,



Meeting called to order by VP: Brett Bump @ 12:45

Paul Robertson – excused

Craig Howe - Excused


Opening prayer was given by Archie Beauvais


Approval of minutes:  Moved by Dan Koopman to approve 11-2004 minutes

                                    Second by: Shannon Calitri

                                    ________for    0 against           1 abstention


Sub-committee Reports

Kim He Crow:              Brought the Distance Learning Policy for the second reading.


Protocol calls for the committee to break and go to the various subcommittees for 15 minutes.


Return to meeting @ 1:10

Sub-committee Reports:


Kim He Crow:              The committee worked on the Distance Learning Policy and there were questions on definition,

Policy passed through the board

Modification were made and resubmitted

Deleting the existing policy and replace with current, changes will be made and brought back to the Instructional Affairs Committee.


Shannon Calitri             Shannon gave information on the Bush Committee and a report on the fall’04 retreat in Rapid City.  Need to reapply fort he Bush Grant sometimes in the spring of 2005.  Fort he staff who did not get a pin see Shannon Calitri.


Michelle May:               Jean Reeves is now the President as Doug Noyes went to the Bush Committee.

                                    The Committee discussed tools for assessment

                                    Humanities use the compass for pre-post assessment.

                                    Education Department will be using the Praxis.


Tony Fresquez:             Math- from the Assessment office which will include reading, writing and math

Jean Reeves:                 Math is only for data collection only.

Brett Bump:                  Does Jerry approve?

Tony Fresquez:             Is everyone doing Perseus?

The Center Staff was given this responsibility..

                                    Composite will not be sent out if there are less than 8 responses.



Carol Whalen:              Curriculum Policy:

Shannon C:                   Discussion on the language which will need to include policy Number.

                                    Need to go through the approval procedure.

                                    Moved by Shannon Calitri

Second by: Patrick Lee

Passed Unanimously


Mike Fredenberg:         Directive from the Instructional Affairs to include all three

Jean Reeves:                 For the year end post testing the math will be included

Brett Bump:                  Questioned if Dr. Giraud approved

A. Fresquez:                 Questioned if all instructors had their students complete Perseus.

                                    No composite with numbers less than eight will not be sent out.


Carol Whalen:              Second reading for the curriculum proposal

                                    Moved by Dan Koopman

                                    Second by: Shannon C.

Approved:   unanimously


Reviewed the first reading on the Graduate proposal.

                                    Moved by Doug Noyes

                                    Second by Karen Lone Hill

                                    Passed unanimously










New Business:

Brett Bump presented the Hand game proposal to be included in the Lakota Studies department which is being done in preparation for the AIHEC and will be counted as an elective.


Shannon Calitri moved to accept for the first reading to the curriculum committee.

Second by Patrick Lee

1 abstention      23 for


Billi Hornbeck stated the letters Sp; it is reserved for special projects.



Motion by Shannon Calitri for Adjournment,