IA Committee Meeting 1/20/06





Meeting called to order by Chairperson Brett Bump at 10:35 a.m.


Pat Lee said the prayer


Holly moved to approve 2nd by tony. Motion passed.


Jean moved to approve agenda. Kim 2nd. Motion passed.


Tony moved to approve the BSW handbook. 




Assessment: no report


Attendance: no report


Curriculum: Carol Whalen. Early childhood department. Intro to Early Childhood Class 212 causing difficulties for students attempting a full load. This will change to a 3 hour class which would change the status sheet as well.


233 class “Curriculum for Self-Awareness”


Submitted as a first reading.


Distance Learning: No report.


Education: no report


Faculty Development: the committee met .. new members coming on now. Duties were divided up. Collaboration meeting. The committee will meet on the 27th for a longer meeting. Holly Boomer was elected to stay on the committee to fill in for Marty Red Bear.


Placement Testing: discussion on students who do not have reading and writing abilities. Gerry said a procedure needs to be developed for students with learning disabilities and mentally disabled students. Discussion held on the issue of open enrollment.  OLC needs a determination of what the term “open enrollment” means.


Subcommittee: jean, ida, Jamie, Georgia, Kim


Research: no report


Shannon Calitri:


Faculty development: transition phase from old grant to the new grant. The new grant starts March 30th. Will focus on technicques to help our students be better learning. Improving student advising and orientation , building core compentencies across the curriculum. These committees will be support by stipends.



Curriculum Change Intro to Am. Govt. from POLS 103 to POLS 203. Submitted for first reading. Holly moved to approve for 1st reading. 2nd by Vera. Motion passed.


Ursula moved to accept the proposed number change from POLS 103 to 203. 2nd by Holly. Vote everyone except for 1 oppossed. Motion passed.


Gerry: issue of college credit for life or work experience. Should we go that way. What are the accreditation issues? How would we do it?


Tony suggested that if there is significant interest in this area than a subcommittee should be formed if not then declare it as moot.


Gerry suggested that a subcommittee be set up. Ursula moved that a subcommittee be established to review policy 70-950 and 951. Ursula, Tony, Jeff and Brett will be on the subcommittee. Motion passed unanimously.