Instructional Committee Meeting Minutes for 3/3/2006

Minutes taken by Kateri Montileaux



Committee members in attendance: Holly Boomer, Patrick Lee, Carol Whalen, Anthony Fresquez, Jamie Lee, Georgia Rooks, Kari Baker, Thedna Zimiga, Craig Howe, Ursula Gaurtner, Julie John, Tim Reddy, Doug Noyes, Shannon Smith Calitri, Paul Robertson, Ida Red Bear, Jean Reeves, Kim He Crow, Jim Dudek, Ralph Schultz (?), Marty Frogg, Gerald Gerard, Kateri Montileaux, Irvine Twin (guest).


Holly Boomer chaired the meeting in the absence of Brett Bump per his request in the memo he sent out on Thursday 3/2/2006.


Meeting was called to order at 11:30 by Holly Boomer.


A request for an invocation went out and nobody stepped forward. We instead sat in silence with grim faces remembering the love ones we recently lost.


A sign in sheet was circulated for those in attendance.


Agenda was passed out and Pat Lee moved to approve the minutes.Carol Whalen seconded the motion.


Current Business:

Carole Whalen ECH changes and Paul Robertson class changes were approved at PWO and at the Board Meeting that was held on 3/2/2006.


Sub Committee Reports:


Assessment- No new business.


Distance Learning-Havenít met.Observation and suggestion made that the committee meet made by Tony Fresquez.


Education- No new business.


Faculty Development- Doug Noyes is the new chair of this sub-committee.Will meet today 3/3/2006 after lunch.


Placement Testing- Havenít met yet.Georgia stated that she doesnítí know who is on the committee.Dr. Gerard made the comment that we need a cut off date for placement testing.We need a procedure to deal with students who cannot even do the placement work.Jean Reeves thinks we should utilize our Adult Education to help solve these problems.Tony Fresquez thinks more information needed about testing. Steps need to be taken by developmental department to find appropriate department to deal/work with.


Motion made by Shannon Calitri to dissolve sub-committee of placement testing.Jean Reeves seconded motion. Motion passed with all voting yes.



Research- No new business


Department of Human Services- Bachelor in Human Services and AA in Human Services changes were submitted by Ursula and the committee was asked to approve them.Tony Fresquez thinks we donít need to vote because the changes are courses moved on the status sheet and nothing new added.Tony Fresquez made the motion to approve status sheets.Pat Lee seconded.Jim Dudek abstained.Motion passed.


Department of Humanities and Social Sciences- First reading for Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts.Curriculum changes.

  • New degree: BA in Liberal Arts
  • Name change for degree:AA in General Studies (transfer degree) to be renamed AA in Liberal Arts (no course changes anticipated for this status sheet)


Carol Whalen asked about course descriptions and syllabi.These will be brought in April.Paul Robertson reported that this information is brought to committee only as an alert about two important changes.Last page of packet shows all new courses (24 in all).


Dr. Gerard thinks 24 new courses are a lot.Maybe have a cohort or cohorts.Logistics of new courses will need to be looked at.New staff would not be an issue.Look at feasible way to deliver these courses.


Tim Reddy suggested to maybe not offering too many elective classes so as to not stretch student enrollment.


Georgia Rooks asked how the General Studies tracks into Liberal Arts degree.It will work very well.


Irvine Twin (visitor) asked about how students could take other courses that were required in one degree requirement to fulfill other degree requirements.Math was one example.


Paul Robertson reported that sequencing of classes being offered in the future will be brought to the committee.


Carol Whalen moved to accept the first reading of Paulís BA in Liberal Arts curriculum changes.Tim Reddy seconded motion.All voted, motion passed.


Motion to adjourn made by Georgia Rooks, seconded by Kim He Crow.Motion passed.


Adjourned at 12:15.