May 5, 2006

Woksape Tipi Library -1:00 pm


1.         Chair Brett Bump called the meeting to order. 

            Attendance Sheet:                     Brett Bump, Chair

            MMay – recorder                     Ida Red Bear                Brenda McGlynn

            Ursual Gaertner                        Sharon Cordova           Thedna Zimiga

            Georgia Rooks             Carol Whalen               Larry Parker

            James Dudek                            Tim Reddy                   Sarah Coulter Danner

            Ralph Shultz                             Mike Fredenberg         

            Julie Johnson                            James Taulman

            Marty Frogg                             Anthony Fresquez        

            Gerry Giraud                            Kateri Montileaux


2.         Pat Lee gave the opening prayer.

3.         Chair called for approval of the agenda:


            MOTION to approve agenda.

            Ursula Gaertner moved.

Pat Lee seconded.

                        Unanimous approval


4.         Members were provided minutes of the last meeting.


            MOTION to approve minutes of the last meeting with corrections.

            Carol Whalen moved.

Tim Reddy seconded.

                        Note – need to change some names that are misspelled.

                        Unanimous approval.


            Changes were noted to 4/21/06 mtg by Carol Whalen to Early Childhood course          numbering changes and she did not present CDA requirements.



         Chairman Brett Bump reported material from last meeting had passed at the Piya Wiconi Okolakiciyapi with the exception of the “M” grade policy, the paperwork will be prepared and the policy presented at the upcoming Piya Wiconi Okolakiciyapi meeting.  VP Giraud stated all material presented at the Piya Wiconi Okolakiciyapi was presented and passed at the BOT.


6.      NEW BUSINESS       

            Sub-committee Reports-

            Faculty Development will meet at the end of May. At the last meeting approval had been granted for Dan Koopman and Jaimi Lee to attend training. Future plans are to organize a retreat for faculty in the fall.

            Assessment- None

            Curriculum- None

            Distance Learning – Chairman Brett Bump stated the Distance Learning committee had migrated to the Institutional Development meeting last Friday.  An order was approved for new computers in all the computer labs.


            Education –see last page (BS in Education has 2 electives, Art Fisher requesting one elective be replaced with a mandatory IT course)


            Placement Testing -  None

            Research – None


Attendance – Katari Montileaux stated 100% on-line attendance is favored over paper and the financial aid department prefers the Jenzebar program.  The financial aid department chair will be meeting with Cliff DeLong and Brett Bump to initiate the necessary changes. The development of a policy is required.


DEPARTMENT OF AG & NATURAL RESOURCES – Leslie Henry, Chair presented changes to the AA in Natural Resources and the AA in Agriculture to correspond with OLC’s core requirements as listed in the college catalog.  The old degrees were designed for transfer of courses out of OLC and these changes will provide for an easier transfer into the OLC BS in Agriculture.


MOTION to open discussion.

Carol Whalen moved.

Tim Reddy seconded.




MOTION to accept as presented changes to the AA in Natural Resources and AA in Agriculture to correspond with OLC’s core requirements.

Tim Reddy moved.

Carol Whalen seconded.

            Unanimous approval.


APPLIED SCIENCE – Marilyn Kockrow, Chair informed the Committee members of meeting with Bob Lorence, a consultant for the Johnson Scholarship Foundation, Sarah Deweese from First Nations and two tribal college representatives from Fort Peck and Salish.  Their purpose was to come to an agreement of an Entrepreneurial curriculum that would recommend nation wide for all tribal colleges that donations were given to.  Mr. Lorence recommended everyone use the OLC curriculum because it includes all the content required by JSF. Marilyn stated it was an honor to have OLC curriculum recommended as the role model for Tribal colleges nation wide.


Marilyn presented the Applied Science department catalogue changes.


DELETION of the Office Automation Certificate Program; Office Automation AAS Degree Program; OEd 293 Office Automation Internship.  These programs have been deleted from the Perkins Grant. 


DELETION of the General Construction Certificate, the certificate has no merit because all programs should have classroom academics. (They have gone back to the Program that requires classroom academics and hands-on experience, which was desired by all students.)




BAd123- 3 credits; Business Application Software- business oriented software for small business and entrepreneurship; quick books accounting software will be introduced for business recordkeeping and management.  No prerequisites

BAd283- 3 credits; Business and Economic Statistics – course will provide an introduction to statistics with an emphasis in business and economic issues.  Statistical analysis of business and economic data used in business and how this analysis aids in making sound business decisions will be emphasized.  An emphasis will be placed on role of statistics in managerial decision making. Math 134 prerequisite.



DELETE–IT 273 Business Information Systems Management REPLACE with MIS 143 Introduction to Spreadsheets. RATIONALE: Spreadsheets necessary for Bad343 Business Analysis Using Spreadsheets


DELETE-Soc 253 Social Science Statistics REPLACE with Bad283 Business and Economic Statistics. RATIONALE: The statistics course currently in the catalogue is not satisfactory for business students.  This course will compliment Agriculture Program.


DELETE-IT 273 Business Information Systems Management REPLACE with Bad123 Business Application Software RATIONALE: more relevant to business degree.


DELETE-MIS113 Applied Information Processing REPLACE with Bad123 Business Application software RATIONAL more relevant to management program.


DELETE old status sheet.  RATIONALE new status sheet is in compliance with requests from Johnson Scholarship Foundation and recommendations from First Nations.


DELETE-MIS113 Applied Information Processing REPLACE with BAd123 Business Application Software RATIONALE: MIS course is duplication of current course of Word-processing, spreadsheets and database.


DELETE old status sheet of 30 hrs; new Certificate status sheet of 36 credit hrs in compliance with Johnson Scholarship Fdt and recommendation from First Nations, more relevant course work for an entrepreneur.


CHANGE course description of BAd 133 Introduction to Business.


CHANGE PREREQUISITE on BAd263 Principles of marketing DELETE Soc 253 Social Science Statistic; ADD BAd283 Business and Economic Statistics.


CHANGE PREREQUISITE  on BAd343 Business analysis Using Spreadsheets DELETE Soc 253 Social Science Statistics; ADD bad 283 Business and Economic Statistics.


CHANGE PREREQUISITE on Business Finance DELETE Soc 253 Social Science Statistics; ADD BAd 283 Business and Economic Statistics; ADD math 134 Intermediate Algebra






NEW COURSE BAD 283 –Business & Economic Statistics- The discussion centered on an additional statistics course and the type of statistics course being introduced. The assertions of too many statistical courses throughout the curriculum. VP Geraud suggested there be only one statiscal course across the curriculum. Those in attendance agreed departments that require statistics should meet to determine what statistics class would meet the needs of all the students.


It was also noted that BAD 283 is a managerial decision based course as opposed to a researched base course, thereby requiring a different type of statistical course.


MOTION to approve applied science program and accept VP Geroud’s recommendation to allow an introduction to statistics course without a course number or department affiliation at  this date to facilitate the course changes by fall, 2006 semester.

Jaimi Lee moved.

Carol Whalon seconded.

            Voice vote – 13 yes; 4 no; 1 abstention


MOTION requesting large packages of curriculum changes brought to Instructional Affairs must be accompanied by a summary sheet.

Urusla Gaertner moved.

Tony Fresquez seconded.

            Unanimous approval.


Sara Colter Danner, Nursing Chairperson stated the nursing department will require students entering the nursing program to re-take chemistry if their course is older than 7 years and re-take anatomy and physiology if their course is older than 3 years.


            MOTION to require students entering the nursing program to re-take chemistry if their             course is older than 7 years and re-take anatomy and physiology if their course is older        than 3 years.

            Carol Whalen moved.


Discussion. Determined this is a departmental policy issue that can be made in the Nursing Dept




MOTION to change the BS in K-8 Elementary Degree requirements by dropping one elective and adding the requirement of 483 Technology and Curriculum Development for Teachers, leaving one elective.

Carol Whalon moved.

Georgia Rooks seconded.

            Unanimous approval.


MOTION to adjourn.

Kateri Montileaux moved.

Tony Fresquez seconded.

            Unanimous approval.



3:15 pm adjourn