Instructional Affairs Committee Meeting Agenda

Chair: Michelle May    Vice-Chair: Shannon Smit    Recorder: Jeffrey Olson

January 18, 2008



  1. Call to Order 10:39 AM


  1. Invocation—Marty offered a prayer



Julie Johnson

Jamie Lee

Michel Melvin

Jeffrey Olson

Marilyn Kockrow

Michelle May

Pat Lee

Craig Howe

Georgia Rooks

Steve Hernandez

Jason Tinant

Thedna Zimiga

Sharon Cordova

Karen Larson

Fedelia Cross

Art Fisher

Elaine Gibbons

Lorie Broberg

AJ Reynolds


Kari Baker


  1. Approval of Old Minutes
    1. November 2, 2007

                                                               i.      Moved to accept: Jason

1.      Seconded: Cateri

                                                             ii.      Passed by Unanimous consent


  1. Subcommittees met at 10:55AM


Subcommittee Reports:


Curriculum Committee


            Talked to lorie about her proposal – will make some changes, recommending the Business Department proposal be approved for first reading. 


            Talked about need for plumbers.  Big bucks out there for plumbers – proposing to have a plumbing degree passed through the IA committee. 


Core Requirements Committee


            Overview of where we are and going.  Resend the survey to chairs and to whole faculty. 


Distance Learning


Academic Issues


            No report



  1. Old Business


    1. Second reading – Applied Science, Marilyn Kockrow
    2. To change a one credit to three credit course to meet OSHA requirements.  “Occupational Safety”, TRDS 101 to TRDS 103. 

                                                               i.      Motion   Julie

                                                             ii.      Seconded      Jamie

                                                            iii.      Vote  Unanimous


  1. New Business


    1. First Reading – Applied science – Marilyn Kockrow


                                                               i.      Proposal for an AAS in Plumbing.  Rounds out the construction program. 

                                                             ii.      Great need for plumbers in the area.

1.      Motion             Steve

2.      Seconded         Jamie

3.      Vote                 Unanimous


    1. First Reading – Marilyn’s two programs


                                                               i.      A 20 page packet was handed out. 

                                                             ii.      There are a number of changes/additions and deletions

1.      Acct 203 – Accounting 1 – deleted

2.      Entr 103 – keeping financial records – added

3.      BAD 223/423 – Organizing and operating a small business – added

4.      Added residential to trds133 residential print reading

5.      CAR 232 Residential and light community building codes – moved from thetrades core to the professional core. 

6.      Electrical Technology

a.       Elec 123 Wiring fundamentals changed to elec 123 codes

b.      Elec 113 Electrical drawing – changed to Elec 113 Elecrical blueprints

c.       Elec 112 Power Distribution – deleted as it is included in elec 123. 

d.      Program increased by seven credits

                                                            iii.      Marilyn will draw up a summary page of all the changes being requested. 


                                                           iv.      Moved to go to second reading


1.      Steve made motion

2.      Jamie seconded

3.      Vote     Unanimous



    1. First Reading – Business stuff – Lorie Broberg

                                                               i.      Moved to accept into second reading

1.      Motion             Paul

2.      Seconded         Steve

3.      Vote                 Unanimous


  1. Announcements


  1. Adjourn 12:20 PM