Instructional Affairs Committee Meeting Minutes

Chair: Michelle May    Vice-Chair: Shannon Smith    Recorder: Jeffrey Olson

March 7, 2008



  1. Call to Order 10:30 AM


  1. Invocation—Paul offers a prayer



Julie Johnson

Jamie Lee

Michel Melvin

Jeffrey Olson

Marilyn Kockrow

Michelle May




Steve Hernandez

Jason Tinant

Leslie mesteth

Sharon Cordova

Karen Larsson

Susie Whitethunder

Art Fisher


Gloriana Cordova

AJ Reynolds

Brett Bump

Carol Whalen


  1. Approval of Old Minutes


    1. 2-08-08

                                                               i.      Moved to accept: Susie

                                                             ii.      Seconded: Paul

                                                            iii.      Passed by Unanimous consent… 


  1. Subcommittees met at 10:40


Curriculum Committee


1.      Changing business aa business to another aa degree

2.      Looked at new bachelor of arts in Lakota studies         



Core Requirements Committee


1.      Will try to have a report



Distance Learning


1.      Reviewed existing policy and looked at proposed distance learning policy. 



Academic Issues


            No report



  1. Old Business


    1. Second Reading, Humanities, Paul Robertson

                                                               i.      Paul gave an overview of the Humanities and Social Science AA and BA degrees. 

                                                             ii.      Addressed the concerns that came out of first reading – there were no substantive issues. 

1.      Motion to accept as second reading – Karen

2.      Seconded – Michelle

3.      Discussion

a.       – asked about the entry on page 25 of the catalogue. 

b.      Is the minor in Lakota studies listed – it’s already part of the catalogue 

c.       Electives can be anything – yes

d.      There will be separate status sheets for the ba in lit com and social science – there will be one with a minor and one without – responding to registrar’s concern. 

e.       Intro to sociology is commensurate with intro to social sciences – jenzabar will rename, not delete soc 103.  Soc 103 will be renamed Sosc 103. 

4.      Vote – Unanimously passed


    1. Decision at the beginning of the year on first and second readings revisited and clarified.  The discussion went on and current procedures were outlined. 



  1. New Business


    1. First Reading – Lakota Studies – Karen Lone Hill


                                                               i.      Questions for Karen Lone Hill – BA in Lakota Studies


1.      Why are credit hours reduced from 130 to 112 – it takes six years for students to receive a four year degree

2.      Name of BA – BA in Lakota Studies – why this name rather than BA in Indian Studies – wonder if it would benefit students later on to change the name.  Prefer to keep it Lakota Studies –

3.      Students will be certified by the SD Department of Education to have a degree in Indian Studies

4.      Wanted to meet with Karen Lone Hill – the sub-committee does. 


                                                             ii.      AA in Tribal Law


1.      Core is the same as BA


                                                            iii.      Motion to accept for first reading and pass to second reading –  Jeff Olson

                                                           iv.      Seconded – Jamie Lee

                                                             v.      Vote – Unanimously passed


    1. First Reading – Social Work – Jeff Olson


                                                               i.      The state cd licensing board requires a Foundations in CD counseling course.  Proposal is to change requirement from Sowk 313 to CD 243.  

                                                             ii.       Need something written

                                                            iii.      Will provide something written for next meeting for first reading – passed this time around


    1. First Reading – IT Degree Revision of AAS degree in computer science to AAS in Business computing – Jim Dudek


                                                               i.      Recommended for first reading

                                                             ii.      Motion to accept for first reading – Marilyn

                                                            iii.      Seconded Steve Hernandez

                                                           iv.      Vote – passed unanimously


  1. Announcements


    1. Foundational studies is going to put out a proposal for next meeting.


  1. Adjourned 12:10 PM