Instructional Affairs Committee Meeting Agenda

Chair:  Dr. Jeffery Olson, Vice-Chair:  Jim Dudek, Recorders:  Lynnea Bouhenguel and Thedna Ziminga, Recording for this month: Lynnea Bouhenguel December 5, 2008, 1:00 P.M.

Woksape Tipi, Academic & Public Library


In attendance at this meeting: Lynnea Bouhenguel, Jamie Lee, Hannan La Garry, Paul Robertson, Shannon Smith, Susanne Auer, Art Fisher, Elaine Gibbons, Kiri Close, Michelle May, Ahmed Al-Asfour, Chrysan Herman, Bessi LeBeau, Shirley Brewer, Thedna Ziminga, Sharon Running Hawk, Julie Johnson


1.      1:00 P.M. Meeting called to order

2.      Minutes brought up for approval


Motion to approve: Shannon Smith

Seconded by: Kiri Close


                   For: Unanimous

                   Against: 0


                   Minutes Approved




3.        One Motion on board to discuss policy change


  Michelle May Motioned


  Looking only at line 6


  Discussion each department will decide on what that quantitative piece will be only 

  approving the delete and add


 Amendment 103 will be retained


 4 units will be changed to 3 or 4


 Change 134 or above to 103 plus quantitative and it will change from four units to three or  

 four depending on department.


      Motion made to amend the policy to the following:


                  Math 134 or Math 103 plus a departmental quantitative reasoning course


                  Motion to approve: Michelle May

                  Seconded by: Shannon Smith


 For: Unanimous

 Against: 0


4.        Motion made by Jamie Lee on STK 103


Changing STK 103 to COSU 103 and get rid of reading and writing skills and replace it with college success also, that CsC 103 Computer Concepts or above be changed to MIS -113 Applied Information Processing or above.


      Motion made to amend the policy to the following:


                  CoSu 103 and College Success are now the new wording in the above policy


                  Motion to Approve:  Jamie Lee

                  Seconded by: Kiri Close


      For: Unanimous

      Against: 0


5.         Motion to Adjourn:  Shannon Smith

   Seconded by: Art Fisher



6.         Meeting adjourned 2:00 P.M.