piya Wiconi Okolakiciye

October 17, 2008


Members Present: Lorie Broberg, Olowan Martinez, Craig Howe, Cedric Goodman, Jr., Susie White Thunder, Leslie Mesteth, Crystal Paulson, Sylvia Hollow Horn, Kireii Shiroma, Steve Hernandez, Edwin Fire Thunder, Sr., Cindy Iron Cloud, Geneiva Kerl, and Paula Nelson.


Guests Present: None.


1.         Meeting called to order by Broberg shortly after 10 AM.

2.         Words of encouragement by White Thunder.

3.         Broberg passed out draft minutes of September 12 meeting and Piya Wiconi Okolakiciye by-laws.

Howe asked for clarification regarding who was Chairperson. He passed out a document packet including a draft minutes of September 12 meeting, timeline, emails, and the by-laws, policy and procedure of Piya Wiconi Okolakiciye.

Broberg stated that Tom Shortbull had asked her to return to the Committee.  Discussion that the Committee had elected its chairperson, Cindy Iron Cloud, according to its by-laws at the September 12 meeting.

Mesteth left briefly to ask Iron Cloud to appear.

Iron Cloud appeared and assumed the position of chairperson. Election of officers set aside momentarily.

4.         Discussion of the two versions of minutes of September 12 meeting.

Motion by Hernandez, second by Shiroma, to accept corrected minutes by Howe.

Motion by Kerl, second by Shiroma, to accept agenda for todayʼs meeting.


Return to election of officers.

            Hernandez questioned if students could serve as officers of Piya Wiconi Okolakiciye

Broberg distributed student representatives rotation schedule. Referred to student handbook with regard to student participation and voting.

Howe stated the by-laws allow students to serve as officers.

Nelson stated the students should not serve as officers.

Fire Thunder stated support of students serving.

Shiroma stated support of students serving as officers.

Kerl supports students serving as officers, opposes the rotation schedule of student representatives.

Iron Cloud states the Committee needs clarification of whether students can serve as officers.

Howe states that the by-laws as approved by the Board of Trustees are what the Committee should follow.

Martinez requests a copy of the student handbook.

Motion by Howe, second by Shiroma, to hold elections following the Committee by-laws. Motion carried: 10 for, 0 against, 2 not voting.

Discussion of student representative voting.

Motion my Mesteth, second by Paulson, that the first four student representatives to arrive would have the right to vote. Motion carried: 10 for, 0 against, 2 not voting.

Mesteth suggested tabling the student representative rotation schedule discussion.

Vote for chairperson

            Broberg nominated Mesteth.

            Shiroma nominated Fire Thunder.

            Hernandez nominated White Thunder.

            Motion by Hernandez, second by Hollow Horn, that nominations cease.

            Howe asked nominees to speak briefly.

            White Thunder spoke, followed by Fire Thunder and then Mesteth.

            Results: Fire Thunder [5], Mesteth [3], White Thunder [3].

            Congratulations to Fire Thunder, who assumes position of chairperson.

Vote for vice chairperson

            Hollow Horn nominates Mesteth.

            White Thunder nominates Paulson.

            Motion by Hollow Horn, second by Hernandez, that nominations cease.

            Results: Mesteth [7], Paulson [3].

            Congratulations to Mesteth.

Vote for recorder

            Hernandez nominates Howe, who declines.

            White Thunder nominates Paulson, who declines.

            Howe nominates Shiroma.

            Hollow Horn nominates White Thunder, who declines.

Motion by Hollow Horn that nominations cease and that Shiroma be elected by acclimation.

Congratulations to Shiroma.

Broberg had to leave at 11:10 AM.

5.         No committee reports since no representatives present.

6.         No old business.

7.         New business. Mesteth distributed PWO Form 2 from Student Services committee, titled Math & RW 083/093 Tuition Waiver, request to modify existing policy 82-100, which allows students to continually take the grade of incomplete for these courses.

            Hernandez stated the Center Directors are in favor of the revision since it has a cut-off for number of times a student can take an incomplete. He likes that students are required to meet with Foundational Studies staff after 3 incompletes.

            Hollow Horn stated that AccuPlacer should indicator for staff instead of students having to go through 3 incompletes. College used to have M grade.

            Nelson states that 083 and 093 are like refresher courses. Centers need help with tutoring.

            Martinez supports the maximum of 3 incompletes. The waiver is a good idea.

            Paulson stated that it is unfair to give students false hope. If they cannot pass 083 and 093 in three attempts, then they should be guided into another program. She supports the waiver.

Motion by White Thunder, second by Shiroma, to accept modification to existing policy. Motion carried: 9 for, 0 against, 0 not voting.

Martinez suggested that the Committee follow Lakota protocol in seating arrangement. Suggestion was generally supported.

Fire Thunder stated that at the next meeting this would be implemented.

Kerl stated opposition to student representatives rotation schedule.

Hernandez stated that student representatives rotate through all committees.

Paulson stated that as a student her participation on committees was beneficial.

Fire Thunder stated that he would discuss this issue with appropriate persons and report back at next meeting.

8.         Motion by Goodman, Jr., second by Shiroma, to adjourn. Motion carried, 9 for, 0 against, 0 not voting.

Meeting adjourned.

Everyone shook hands.