Piya Wiconi Okolakiciye

Special Meeting

January 30, 2009

Members Present: Susie White Thunder, Olowan Martinez (Pahin Sinte College Center), Leatrice Wilson (He Sapa Center), Crystal Paulson,Richard Red Elk (Wounded Knee College Center, Leslie Mesteth, Paula Nelson (LaCreek College Center), Sylvia Hollow Horn, Maria Albers, Crystal Paulson

Others Present: Anna Respects Northing (Wounded Knee College Center), Lenora Hudson

Members Absent: Craig Howe, Lorie Broberg, Georgia Rooks

The meeting was called to order by Chairperson, Leslie Mesteth at 10:24 a.m.

Leslie announced that Lorrie and Craig will not be able to be in attendance for todayís meeting.

Richard Red Elk offered words of encouragement and said a prayer.

Leslie did a roll call:

Richard Red Elk Ė Wounded Knee College Center

Susie White Thunder -Faculty

Maria Albers - Staff

Anna Respects Nothing (In attendance non-voting)

Crystal Paulson - Faculty

Leatricie Wilson - He Sapa Center

Olowan Martinez Ė Pahin Sinte College Center

Lenora Hudson - (Student advisor non Ėvoting)

Paula Nelson Ė LaCreek College Center

Leslie Mesteth - Staff


Lorrie Broberg, Craig Howe, Georgia Rooks


Special Order-By Laws

Rotating membership:

Leslie presented documents dealing what some of the student organizations do for elections and selection of officers and replacement of officers when a vacancy occurs.

Leslie stated that in order to make it clear within the Piya Wiconi Okolakiciye bylaws, we need to add somewhere in here that based on rotating membership students cannot serve as officers. She questioned as to whether the committee wants to look at restructuring this. She stated that maybe students need to take this back to their centers and get more student input. We really want students who are committed, that they need to have a commitment.

Susie White Thunder made a motion that a statement be added that students not be eligible to hold officer positions on PWO.

Crystal offered a friendly amendment that a statement be added that this is based on the rotating membership.

Susie stated that was not her the intention of her motion

No Second. Motion died.

Olowan stated that there may be a possibility of having juniors or seniors with a 3.5 GPA serving on the committee. She went on to state that some students are just in these positions for the title. She brought up some of the problems with their student organization. She confirmed that it requires commitment.

Richard discussed some of the problems with their student organization.

Leslie stated that there are too many issue within the student organizations.

Anna discussed the issue of student eligibility requirements.

Leslie stated that she would be willing to work with student organizations to set up requirements and look at the issue of student involvement.In the future we can look at reorganization.

Lenora brought up the issue that the Piya Wiconi Okolakiciye is to provide a forum for students to learn about student organization. For student purposes, thatís what this isÖitís a place for students to come and learn and participate.


Suggested amendment

4. Piya Wiconi Okolakiciye provides a forum for students to learn about the culture and history of Oglala Lakota College and leadership. Student members represent their college centers and participate in Piya Wiconi Okolakiciye on a rotating basis.

Paula discussed that she is there to represent her college center and doesnít see a need for it to be changed.

Sylvia discussed that perhaps it should be listed on page 7

Sylvia discussed that sometimes students do not understand some of the issues that come before the committee.

Leatrice respectfully disagrees with Sylviaís comments. Students need to be given credit that they will make the right choice for everyone.

Maria stated that she is here to make sure students get an education. As staff, we provide services to the students and students should not be burdened to worry. At this point they donít have to worry about the problems that the college deals with. It is not saying that they donít the ability. It is to say that they should be free to concentrate on their studies.

Paula says that since she has been served on the Piya Wiconi Okolakicye for 3 years. She talked about how issues that donít affect students can be boring from a student perspective. She feels she is representing the student.

Olowan stated that she feels that the students canít be excluded from some of the committees, even if they donít deal with student issues. She discussed that the rotating system is not fair to students. The gap in meetings makes it so she wonít know what is going on by the time she is scheduled for attendance.

Leslie asked if the students attend the other committees. Olowan stated that she has gone to 2 meetings of the Student Services Committee. Anna went to one all staff meeting.

Leslie clarified that we do want students involved in the committee structure.

Maria asked how long students have been rotating? Susie stated that it started in the late 90ís.

Discussion was held on the fact that the rotating membership of the students precludes them being elected officers.



Suggested Amendment:

Officers will be elected from instructional affairs and non-instructional affairs representative. The rotating membership of the students precludes them from being elected officers.

Maria stated that the handbook needs to be updated to include a student representative from Cheyenne River.


Purpose-no changes

Specific Functions-no changes

Specific Function-no change

Membership Composition- Student governance change to 11

Suggested Amendments:

Representatives Ė as determined by the electing constituency. If a member (non-officer) is absent they may assign an alternate from the group they represent who may vote in their place.

3. Replacement of members unable to fulfill terms will be chosen according to election procedure described in A above.

Method of selection for ex-officio moved to the appropriate column.

Terms of Office:

Discussion held on the terms for officers.Terms served will be a minimum of 2 years at which time another election will be held. An election will be held each year for each position. For this year a possibility is to have the chair for 3 years, vice-chair 2 years, recorder 1 year.

This will result in office positions being held for 3 years.

Suggested Amendment:

Chairperson-The chairperson will be elected by the member of Piya Wiconi Okolakiciye every two years (staggered terms). Election will require a simple majority.

Discussion held on the possibility of resignations and how they will be fulfilled. Whoever fills the position will serve the duration of the term.

Suggested Amendments:

Officers will be electedfrom the Oglala Lakota College instructional affairs and non-instructional affairs representative who must have been employed by Oglala Lakota College with at least 2 years prior to election.

4.Resignation of Officers:must given written notification. Members absent for three consecutive meetings with no representation shall be removed from membership by written notice to their respective group.

Discussion held on special meetings and which students would attend. Students who are part of the discussion or a re-scheduled for that month will be required to attend the special meeting including summer.

Lenora said she would develop a schedule for students to attend any special summer meetings.


Changes: PWO-Piya Wiconi Okolakiciye, OLC-Oglala Lakota College

Add Cheyenne River, He Sapa

Leslie will bring the new handbook and bylaws to the next meeting for final approval.

Sylvia made a motion to approve the updated bylaws and handbook with changes. Seconded by Richard. Vote 8 for motion passed.

Crystal moved to adjourn. Seconded by Richard. Motion passed.


Respectfully Submitted,

Susie White Thunder