October 16, 2009


Present:  Leslie Mesteth, Crystal Paulson, Georgia Rooks, Theresa Lone Hill, Maria Albers, Paul Cedar Face, Clifford DeLong, Sylvia Hollow Horn, Eddie Lays Bad, Kireii Shiroma, Cedric Goodman Jr., Alvina Dubray. Jenni Rodin (for Janice Richards), Thedna Zimiga



Meeting was called to order at 10:10 am


Prayer: Cedric Goodman Jr.


Leslie Mesteth called the roll.


Motion to approve the meeting minutes from September 11, 2009

            Motion by Georgia Rooks

            Seconded by Crystal Paulson


            8 For

            0 not voting


            Motion passed


No officer reports at this time



Vice President post is Vacant

Secretary is Absent



Committee Reports


  1. Activities:  Theresa Lone Hill


There will be a Monte Carlo night for Halloween.  It will be held on Friday October 30th.  Some of the activities include a costume contest, and a cake walk, as well as other activities.



  1. Assessment :  Dawn Frank (absent)






  1. Institutional Development: Paul Cedar Face


Paul missed the meeting on October 2nd.  The committee reviewed three policies (Policies 92-000, 93-000, 93-001) these will be under review. These are to be routed to the Center Directors for revision and then returned back to the committee.

Clifford reported on the laptop acquisition.



  1. Student Services : Janice Richards (Jenni Rodin reporting)


There was a discussion on working on a Suicide Prevention Policy. At the next meeting they will begin to work on that policy.  Student Services will continue to discuss changes to the $10.00 fee for graduation.  Some of the suggestions were to use funds from the student PELL grant, ask student organizations to pay the fee, or to add a box, that can be checked, on an application when ready to graduate.



  1. Instructional Affairs: Jeff Olson (absent)





New Business



Nepotism Policy: Presented by Clifford DeLong

The Board of Trustees requested a change in the language of the Nepotism Policy to create a clearer policy. This would be done by striking two paragraphs from the Nepotism policy


These paragraphs will be stricken from the policy as it is superseded by



Policy 22-010


Under Article 6 – Voting: Voting method at meetings (policy)


Voting on Personnel Selections that Involve Relatives of Trustee Members. If a relative of a trustee member applies for a college position, the trustee member must remove himself from the deliberation of the selection of a relative applying for a college position. The voting on the selection will be by secret ballot. (Paragraph 9)




Policy 61-200


B. Notice of Vacancies (All Other Positions)


3.      Relatives of Board Members: It is official policy of the college that relatives of Board members may apply for college positions, but Board members that are relatives will not have voting rights in this selection. The following procedures will be followed in considering applicants that are relatives of Board members:


If a relative of a Board member applies for a college position, the Board member will remove himself (herself) from deliberation of the selection.  A Board member has no voting rights in the selection of a relative applying for a college position.  The voting on the selection will be secret ballot (cross ref. 61-420)



The updated policy is more specific.


Motion to accept the changes to the policies 22-010 and 61-200(B)(3)


            Motion by Crystal Paulson

            Seconded by Georgia Rooks


            8 For

            0 Against


            Motion Passed


Committee Chairs were excused at 10:34

LaCreek PWO Student Representative (Alvina Dubray) arrived


To address the vacant Vice President position -  Maria Albers volunteered.

To address the vacant Secretary/Recorder position -  Thedna Zimiga volunteered.



Student Representatives Questions/Information:


Kireii Shiroma :         Do we have a schedule of when students were to come to the




Students are able to attend any of the meetings. However, Student Representatives are on a rotational schedule. Student Representatives can vote.


            Lenora Hudson is not in attendance at this meeting, but she does handle all of the Student Representatives paperwork such as mileage.



Charges for other committees that need to be addressed


            Annual campus crime reports have to be obtained from every center, however the system that should be in place for reporting crimes and forms for reporting those crimes are not as accessible as they should be.  The college needs to have a uniform method of reporting any and all crimes.  Currently centers such as Cheyenne River do not have campus crime records as they are working with both tribal and state law enforcement.


Currently students who travel with the college are not receiving the updated amounts, for meals, according to the per diem rates. 


These should go to Institutional Affairs. Maria Albers will check with Chris Nordsy about whether or not these charges should go to the Institutional Affairs Committee.



Other issues that will be coming up  are the New Course Catalog, and placement testing.


            With new course catalogs we may also have new status sheets.  Remind students that if they sit out a semester they will have to go on a new status sheet which may mean more classes.  This issue also affect the Jenzebar system.



These issues should go to Student Services.


Placement testing needs to have clearer guidelines so that students aren’t kept behind due to misplacement.  Training for staff on how to read the placement test reports needs to be done. 


There was discussion on Standards of Conduct and what committee this should go to.




Motion to adjourn

            Motion by Kireii Shiroma

            Seconded by Cedric Goodman Jr.


            All for

            0 Against


            Motion passed

            Meeting adjourned at 10:58 am