Piya Wiconi Okolakiciye

Regular Meeting

December 11, 2009

Present: Leslie Mesteth, Georgia Rooks, Maria Albers, Susie White Thunder, Grady Brunsch, Sylvia Hollow Horn, Thedna Zimiga, Lenora Hudson, Clifford Delong, Paul Robertson, Susanne Auer (Social Science)  Students: Kierrii Shiroma (Eagle Nest), Alvina Dubray (LaCreek)

Meeting was called to order at 10:03 am

Prayer: Clifford Delong

Leslie Mesteth called the roll:

                Grady Brunsch, Susie White Thunder, Leslie Mesteth, Georgia Rooks, Sylvia Hollow Horn, Maria Albers (arrived at 10:18), Thedna Zimiga

Motion to approve of the minutes with changes

Motion by Georgia Rooks

Seconded by Susie White Thunder

For: 7

Against: 0

Abstain: 0

Motion Passed

Officer Reports:

President, Leslie Mesteth – Policy updates

                Update on policies that have come through PWO that have been passed were

                Voting Methods


A review of Chemistry courses for the Nursing Department were passed, however approval for changes in courses will go to Dr. Giraud for approval.

Distance learning policy was passed

Changes to the core requirements regarding mathematics were passed.

Changes to College Success were passed

Vice –President, Maria Albers – Not present (arrived at 10:18)

Recorder/Secretary, Thedna Zimiga – The charges were sent to the departments

Committee Reports

1.       Activities – Theresa Lone Hill – Not present

2.       Assessment- Dawn Frank – Not present

3.       Institutional Development – Clifford Delong: Chris Janis reported on the increase cost to the Health Benefits. File sharing was turned off. President Shortbull released the committee from the charge of Nepotism.

4.       Instructional Affairs – Jeff Olson – Not present (no report)

New Business: Susanne Auer, Paul Robertson (Social Science Program Package)


What will be done about the absence of the College Success class?

Every degree will have to take college success out of their status sheets as it has been removed from the core requirements.   

Maria Albers arrives 10:18

Motion to accept the Social Science Program Package

Motion by Susie White Thunder

Seconded by Georgia Rooks                

Discussion: College success has been deleted. Will a class be added in its place?

Every degree will have to take college success off of their status sheets. 

Paul was questioned on the accelerated program and meeting the requirements of some of the state programs. 

Clifford brought up a question about math requirements.  With respect to the social services program a student could take math 103 and a statistics course or math 134 to meet the degree math requirements.

Paul commented that it is possible to get a degree without a history or government course. Maybe there should be a discussion on having a history or government course requirement.

Discussion concerning the degree electives, a note will need to be added under the degree requirements. Students will need to be informed that they will still need to take an additional 3 (300 or above) classes in order to fulfill their degree requirements. 

Discussion: A note needs to be added that will inform students that flex numbered classes can only be taken once.

Participatory Action Research can be the substituted with either Social Science Research or an Internship.

Paul commented that they are trying to train students to think critically so that they may build a skill set that would allow for flexibility within careers. 

Clifford Delong mentioned that at one time there were as many as seven statistics courses and then that number was reduced to 1.  The current statistics course is identical to the previous course Math 313.  He didn’t see why another statistics course was needed. 

Paul said that a free version of a proposed program had been found and could be used instead of buying the SPSS program for statistics. 

A function in Jenzebar called “rename” can be used to count classes that have undergone a renaming for students audits. 

Paul Robertson asks for guidance on what to do with the absence of the College Success class?

Question: Sylvia Hollow Horn.  Will a note be added to let them know that if they take a flex numbered class such as 213/413?

A statement will be included in the course description: For any flex numbered course there will be a statement in the course description that the course may not be repeated. That is that this class can only be taken once. If a student takes the 213 class for example they may not take 413 at another time. 


For: 8

Against: 0

Abstain: 0

Motion Passed


Motion to adjourn

Motion by Sylvia Hollow Horn

Seconded by Kierrii Shiroma

For: 8

Against: 0

Abstain: 0

Motion Passed

Meeting adjourned at 11:07