Piya Wiconi Okolakiciye


Regular Meeting

September 24, 2010




Present: Leslie Mesteth, Georgia Rooks, Michel Melvin, Thedna Zimiga, Sylvia Hollow Horn, Maria Albers, Joann “Susie” White Thunder, Shannon Amiotte


Meeting called to order: 10:16


Prayer: Sylvia Hollow Horn


Maria called the roll


            Leslie Mesteth, Georgia Rooks, Thedna Zimiga, Michel Melvin, Sylvia Hollow Horn, Maria Albers, Joann “Susie” White Thunder, Grady Brunsch (Shannon Amiotte)

No Student Representatives


Motion to accept the minutes from the last meeting (May 14, 2010) with changes


            Motion by: Joann White Thunder

            Seconded by: Georgia Rooks



                        For:  7

                        Against:  0

                        Abstain:  0


Motion Passed


Officer Reports –

President’s Report –


Policy/Curriculum                                               Policy Number                     Date (passed by BOT)

CORE Curriculum                                               70-250                                                                   6/4/2009

Distance Learning Policy                                   72-500                                                                   6/4/2009

Voting Method at Meetings                               22-010                                                                   11/17/2009

Vacancies                                                             61-200(B) (3)                                                       11/17/2009

Cosu deleted from curriculum                          70-250                                                                   12/19/2009

Bachelor of Social Work                                    Replace Math 134 with Math 313 Statistics  2/17/2010

AutoCAD                                                              New Program                                                        2/17/2010

Independent Study Policy                                 81-700/81-700-1                                                 4/29/2010

Transfer Policy                                                     70-900/70-900-1                                                 4/29/2010

Master of Science K-12 Special Ed                  New Program                                                        4/29/2010

18 mo. Cert. Auto Technology                         New Program                                                        4/29/2010

Distance Learning Procedures                           Needed for online course progression              4/29/2010

Business Admin. – Option D                             New Option – Entrepreneurship 15 cr.             5/27/2010

Dropping/Adding Courses                                  81-300-1                                                               5/27/2010

Scholarship Policy                                               84-200                                                                   5/27/2010

Determination of PELL Eligibility                    83-850                                                                   5/27/2010

Satisfactory Progress Rule                                 83-400                                                                   5/27/2010

Grants-Financial Aid                                           83-300                                                                   5/27/2010

Transfers From one District to another           80-300                                                                   5/27/2010

Attendance Policy                                               81-350                                                                   5/27/2010

Attendance Procedure                                        81-350-1                                                               5/27/2010


Graduation Policy (89-000)


            OLC officially certifies graduates and awards degrees/certificates in the spring term. Students must apply for graduation to their counselor and/or faculty advisor who submit the application, fee, and typed status sheet to the Registrar’s office by March 1st every year no exceptions shall be made.


Graduation Procedure (89-100-1)


A.    Student Responsibility


1. It is the responsibility of the student to complete and submit an

application for graduation including the current non-refundable graduation fee for each degree.


2. It is the responsibility of the student to meet with a counselor and/or faculty advisor who will make every effort to assist the student in this process.  A typed status sheet and written plan stating when and how the student will meet the remaining requirements for graduation must be submitted with the application. Courses cannot be used more than once for any degree.


3. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that all degree requirements are met successfully before June 1st  “F’s” or “Incomplete’s” will not be deemed satisfactory completion of requirements for graduation by the June 1st deadline then the student will have to reapply for graduation the following academic year.


B.     Registrar’s Office


1.The Registrar shall schedule meetings with district counselors to compare the status sheets with the OLC transcripts to confirm that the student is making progress.  The Registrar will notify the student in writing, identifying courses needed in order to complete degree requirements.

2.The Registrar will prepare a roster by April 1st each year of students projected to graduate that spring semester. This roster will be used for all graduation planning functions.

3. When grades have been posted at the end of the spring semester, the Registrar will send out confirmation letters to all graduate applicants who have successfully completed degree requirements.  Denial letters will go out to students who did not complete degree requirements.


C.     Assessment


1. All students graduating with an associate’s degree, or baccalaureate degree, (or combinations thereof) will take part in Wowianyanke Wounspe Day (“Looking at oneself and what has been learned”).  Results will be used only to improve student learning.  Scores on the assessments will not impede graduation completion of any individual or group nor require additional courses.  (BOT 5/19/99)


Motion to accept the Graduation Policy (89-000) and the Graduation procedure (89-100-1)


Motion by Joann White Thunder

Seconded by Michel Melvin



            For: 7

            Against: 0

            Abstain: 0

Motion passed




Suspension Policy

If a student does not earn a grade point average of 2.0 (1.5 for students within 30 hours or less) while on probation, the student will be placed on suspension (Academic Suspension One). This means that the student cannot enroll for one semester.

Suspension Procedure

1.      Academic Suspension One


Students placed on Academic Suspension One will not be allowed to register for classes for one semester following their suspension.  After sitting out for this one semester, they will be allowed to register for classes again and they must successfully complete all enrolled classes with a 2.0 grade point average (1.5 for student with 30 hours or less) or better.

Should the student fail to successfully complete his or her classes during the term following the suspension, they will be placed on Academic Suspension Two.


2.      Academic Suspension Two


Students placed on Academic Suspension Two will be barred from enrollment for one year or two semesters.



Appeal Process


1.      A student can appeal the Academic Suspension Two decision to his or her district local board.

2.      The District Local Board will schedule a hearing and notify the student in writing and request the student to provide a written and oral justification of their failing academic record with a plan as to why and how they will successfully complete a college education goal.

3.      The District Board will only allow students to enroll in Oglala Lakota College with documented extenuating circumstances, i.e., personal health, medical issues, death in the immediate family, or other significant family issues.

4.      The District Board will notify the Registrar and the student of its decision in writing. The decision will be binding and final for all courses offered by Oglala Lakota College.

a.       If the District Board’s decision is for the student to remain on Academic Suspension Two, the student will not be allowed to enroll for two semesters following the decision.

b.      If the District Board’s decision is to allow the student to re-enroll, the student will again be placed on Academic Suspension One.


Academic Suspension One means that the student must sit out for one semester following their suspension after which they can remove themselves from Academic Suspension One by enrolling for a minimum of three (3) credit hours but not to exceed a maximum of six (6) credit hours, and earning a 2.0 grade point average (GPA) (1.5 for students with 30 hours or less) or better.

5.      If the student does not complete a minimum three (3) credit hours with the required grade point average, the student will not be allowed to have another hearing and will be barred automatically from enrollment at Oglala Lakota College for a period for two (2) years Academic Suspension Three following the semester in which they failed to achieve a 2.0 grade point average (1.5 for students with 30 hours or less).

6.      Following Academic Suspension Three, a student will be allowed to enroll in Oglala Lakota College without being on probation or suspension and will be required to take the placement tests if they have not previously completed the core Math and English requirements. The student will use the most recent status sheet for their declared major.

7.      The Registrar shall maintain and update a list of the status of all students on academic suspension.


Note: The President will appoint a committee to provide all hearings for the students placed on Academic Suspension Two from the Rapid City and Cheyenne River Extension Centers.


Motion to accept the Academic probation/suspension (Policy and Procedure 81-800/81-800-1)


Motion by: Michel Melvin

Seconded by: Sylvia Hollow Horn



            For: 7

            Against: 0

            Abstain: 0

Motion passed


Dropping and Adding (Procedure 81-300-1)


  1. Withdrawal from Classes


1. Students wishing to withdraw from a class must obtain a withdrawal card from a local counselor, or the Registrar. When the card has been properly completed and returned to the Registrar’s office, permission to withdraw will be given.  Withdrawal without this procedure may result in academic suspension.


If the withdrawal is completed within the first two weeks of the semester, enrollment will not be recorded on official transcript.


The sequence for withdrawal is shown below:


1 – 2 weeks                 “W” not recorded on permanent record

3 – 16 weeks               “W” recorded on permanent record

B. Summer school Withdrawal Procedure


            The same withdrawal procedure applies to students who take summer school courses. Summer school normally runs for five weeks.


1.      First Day………….….”W” not recorded on permanent record

2.      Second Day………….“W” recorded on permanent record


Any Student who does not officially withdraw from class or classes will receive a grade of an “F” on all classes not completed.



C. Withdrawal/Drop


The following withdrawal/drop procedure must be followed by the instructor:


1.      The student may be dropped by the instructor, using an official card, after three consecutive unexcused absences.

2.      All instructors must submit on-line attendance weekly

3.      All instructors must hand in drops on a weekly basis. The drops must be dated and signed.

4.      The drop card must be signed and dated by any two of the following people: Registrar, Counselor, Student, District Director, or Instructor.

5.      All counselors must submit weekly add/drop cards.

6.      Five consecutive absences will also result in an automatic withdrawal by the Registrar.

7.      Five scattered absences will also result in an automatic withdrawal. There are NO reinstatements and NO exceptions for students who are dropped for five absences.


The Registrar will send notice to Counselors of students who were withdrawn due to five absences.


Drop/Add Procedure


During registration and the first week of classes a student may change their enrollment by the following procedure. Complete a drop/add card, make the changes and return card to the Registrar.  Add/ Drop is during the first week of classes only. IF a student discontinues a course and fails to follow the prescribed procedure for dropping a course the center counselor will submit a drop card and drop the student administratively.  If a class is dropped after the third week the student will be liable for full cost.


Motion to accept the Dropping and Adding (Procedure 81-300-1)



Motion to approve: Joann White Thunder

Seconded by: Sylvia Hollow Horn



                        For: 7

                        Against: 0

                        Abstain: 0


Motion passed




Vice President, Maria Albers – No report



Recorder/Secretary Thedna Zimiga– No report



Committee Reports –


  1. Activities – Theresa Lone Hill (excused)
  2. Assessment – Dawn Frank  (absent)
  3. Institutional Development – Paul Cedar Face (absent)



  1. Student Services – Janice Richards (absent)

5. Instructional Affairs – Jeff Olson (excused)






Suicide Prevention Policy and Procedure



1.      Shorten the policy

2.      Visit with the lawyer

3.      What are the FERPA regulations  and does this violate that



Motion to send the Suicide Prevention Policy and Procedure back to Student Services with recommendations


Motion by Georgia Rooks

Seconded by Sylvia Hollow Horn




            For: 7

            Against: 0

            Abstain: 0

Motion passed


Motion to adjourn


Motion by Georgia Rooks

Seconded by Shannon Amiotte



            For: 7

            Against: 0

            Abstain: 0


Motion passed


Meeting adjourned at 11:37