Piya Wiconi Okolakiciye

Regular Meeting Minutes

September 16, 2011


Call to Order: Meeting called to order @ 10:23 am


Prayer: Sylvia Hollow Horn


Present: Leslie Mesteth, Shirley Brewer, Maria Albers, Grady Brunsch, Sylvia Hollow Horn, Michel Melvin, Ruth Cedarface(10:58)


Roll Call of members present: x T. Zimiga, x M. Melvin, x G. Brunsch  , absent L. Wilson,   x L. Mesteth, x S. Brewer, x S. Hollow Horn, x M. Albers;  


No student representation as student organizations have not had their elections  yet.


 (Student)_____________________________, (Student)_____________________________,     

 (Student)_____________________________, (Student)_____________________________.


Approval of Minutes – May 13, 2011


Motion to approve of the meeting minutes from May 13, 2011


Motion by: Maria Albers

Seconded by: Sylvia Hollow Horn



                                For: 6

                                Against: 0

                                Abstain: 0

Motion Passed


Officer Reports


1.        President, Leslie Mesteth – Updates since the last meeting 


Joan Nelson’s change to the AA in Nursing Status Sheet:  Passed

Ruth Cedarface: Procedure for Substance Possession, Distribution, Abuse: Not reviewed yet. This will go to the board this next month.

Christine Stagnetto: BS in Information Technology Degree changes: Did not pass

Kiri Close: A.A. in Art degree changes: Passed

Financial Aid Requirements, Attendance Policy & Procedure and Graduation Policy: Passed


2.       Vice-President, Shirley Brewer – No report

3.       Recorder/Secretary, Thedna Zimiga – No report







Committee ReportsLimit to 5 minutes, please give any changes or updates to previous reports.

1.        Activities – Theresa Lone Hill(Not present) –

Maria Albers as the Vice president of Activities - Nothing to report from activities

2.       Assessment – Dawn Frank – Not present

3.       Institutional Development – Clifford Delong- Not present

4.       Student Services – Janice Richards- Not present

5.       Instructional Affairs – Jeff Olson- Not present


New BusinessLimit to 10 minutes for each presenter.


1.         Election of Officers


Volunteers for the President?


Nominations for President: Leslie Mesteth


Motion to nominate Leslie Mesteth for the position of the President of PWO

Motion by Maria Albers

Seconded by Michel Melvin


                                For: 6

                                Against: 0

                                Absent: 0

Motion Passed


                Congratulations Leslie!


Motion to table the election of the secretary/ recorder until we find out who the faculty representative are


                Motion by Sylvia Hollow Horn

                Seconded by Michel Melvin



                                                For: 6

                                                Against: 0

                                                Abstain: 0

Motion Passed


Shirley Brewer will remain the Vice-President












Ruth Cedarface enters @ 10:58 am




We need to review our policies in terms of students in foundational courses

Identify the students in those courses and identify those that may need extra services

Bring in Student Support Services and the GED program to identify and support students

All centers should be involved

Work with high schools


Another piece of this is that on our admission application there is a section for students with disabilities to identify themselves.

Ruth has met with Dr. Giraud: A second questionnaire that would help support and prove that they have a disability and were assessed.  For example someone with ADHD might provide the assessment that they received from the person/institution that evaluated and diagnosed that student.

The current application is two pages not one

We don’t have resources to purchase equipment to aid students. Students are encouraged to seek other resources.

Work continues on refining the application process.

Ruth will check with Career Learning Center to see about a partnership in terms of GED


Student Services: Review the policy on Placement Testing and Foundational Studies with respect to placement into Foundational courses, and the changes that will be coming next fall. 


      Discussion on the number of credit hours needed for a bachelor’s degree. The bachelor’s degree must      

      meet a minimum of 121 hours to receive the degree.  We currently have one degree that’s less than that.


      Discussion on a packet for all incoming freshman students that explains how financial aid works

      Perhaps develop a DVD that could walk a student through the financial aid process and

      Answer questions about financial aid. Shirley will talk with Tony Brave.


Special OrdersImportant business previously designated for consideration at this meeting.

        1.     None




Motion to adjourn

Motion by Sylvia Hollow Horn

Second by Grady Brunsch


                                For: 6

                                Against: 0

                                Abstain: 0

Motion Passed


Meeting adjourned @ 11:36