Piya Wiconi Okolakiciye

Regular Meeting Minutes

October 21, 2011


Call to Order: Meeting called to order @10: 11 am


Prayer: Ruth Cedar Face


Present: Leslie Mesteth, Shirley Brewer, Maria Albers, Grady Brunsch, Michel Melvin, Thedna Zimiga, Akisa Milk(Student) , Lyle Wilson, Jeff Olson, Clifford Delong, Monica Spider, Ruth Cedar Face, Sylvia Hollow Horn


Roll Call of members present: x T. Zimiga, x M. Melvin, x G. Brunsch, x L. Wilson,   x L. Mesteth, x S. Brewer, x S. Hollow Horn(excused at 11:23), x M. Albers;  


 (Student) Akisa Milk - Wanblee        , (Student)Monica Spider – Pahin Sinte,     

 (Student)_____________________________, (Student)_____________________________.


Approval of Minutes – September 16, 2011


Motion to approve of the meeting minutes from September 16, 2011


Motion by: Maria Albers

Seconded by: Michel Melvin



                                For: 9

                                Against: 0

                                Abstain: 0

Motion Passed


Officer Reports


1.        President, Leslie Mesteth – Substance Abuse Policy Passed

2.       Vice-President, Shirley Brewer – No report

3.       Recorder/Secretary, Thedna Zimiga – No report


Committee ReportsLimit to 5 minutes, please give any changes or updates to previous reports.

1.        Activities – Theresa Lone Hill-Not present

2.       Assessment – Dawn Frank - Not present

3.       Institutional Development – Clifford Delong. Joan will bring a split policy for the Nursing Dorm.  A policy that Steph and Shirley will have reviewed will be brought to the committee.  Milton had a motion to strike 83-500 the motion was defeated and it was sent to policy and procedure subcommittee to be reviewed.  Laptops are at the bookstore. Personnel is still working on an assessment.

4.       Student Services – Janice Richards- Not present

5.       Instructional Affairs – Jeff Olson- No Report


New BusinessLimit to 10 minutes for each presenter.


Update: Ruth Cedar Face on the Disability application and procedure that goes along with that.  We don’t have resources for the students.  We have to define the procedure for students to follow. We can only do so much to assist the students with.  This will be brought to the next meeting with information about how it aligns with the American with Disabilities Act. We need to refine our procedures.


Motion for Ruth Cedar Face to take the disabilities procedure back to Student Services


                Motion by Maria Albers

                Seconded by Grady Brunsch



                                                For: 9

                                                Against: 0

                                                Abstain: 0


                Motion Passed


                Discuss: Manual Maintenance Procedure 36-000-1




1.        1. The person or group bringing forward a modified or new policy/procedure will send the relevant document electronically to the appropriate standing committee of the Piya Wiconi Okolakiciye

2.       Strike 2. After the policy/procedure…

3.       3. After Approval by the standing Committee…

4.       8. Strike c. All changes made to the Policy and Procedure manual…


Strike the exhibit 23-007-2 and replace with the PWO Form 2 Circular Routing Sheet


Motion to accept the changes to the Manual Maintenance (Procedure) 36-000-1


Motion by Michel Melvin

Seconded by Shirley Brewer



                                For: 9

                                Against: 0

                                Abstain: 0

Motion Passed


Clifford Delong excused at 10:41


Discussion: Student Support Services which only services 1st generation students and those students with a need.   The program can only service those students within the program.


Discussion on Placement tests and Developmental Courses (Policy) 70-300

What services can be provided for these students.


Perhaps review before taking the accuplacer?


We need a survey, but what questions do we need to ask?

We need a survey for incoming freshman this semester and freshman this spring.

Have the counselor do the survey


Some questions could be:

Why don’t we have cohorts?

Do you need tutoring?

Can we have faculty tutors?

Can we have faculty of online classes come to do a lab each week?

Should the pace of the course be increased/decreased?



Bachelor degrees: Can we have money for a people that start a bachelor degree and continue to completion? Perhaps two scholarships given at two different points as they progress, without stopping or sitting out, and are doing so with satisfactory progress.


GED is a self-paced program with a GED tutor as a guide to help students work through their levels.

Workshops during the summer or break to remediate students in math and reading?

Why aren’t we inviting high schools in?


Student Services: There is an appeal process for PELL. There needs to be a definition of criteria for appeals such as fire, death, acts of god, terrorism, not day to day things such as lack of transportation, health issues, and day care issues.


We have an open door policy.


Sylvia excused at 11:23

(8 voting hereafter)


Strategic Plan: To combine Foundational Studies and Student Support Services


Seems to be two questions.

  1. Admissions – when do you say no to a student trying to get into college
  2. Tutoring – what level of assistance should be given


Charges to Instructional Affairs and Institutional Development

Next Friday is a Division Meeting perhaps everyone can come to listen in.


Motion to have  Instructional Affairs and Institutional Development look at


1. Placement Tests/ Developmental Courses

2. Admission

3. Student Advising/Tutoring

4. Status Sheets


Motion by Grady Brunsch

Second by Michel Melvin



                                For: 8

                                Against: 0

                                Abstain: 0

Motion Passed





Motion to adjourn

Motion by Shirley Brewer

Second by Maria Albers


                                For: 8

                                Against: 0

                                Abstain: 0

Motion Passed


Meeting adjourned @ 11:37