Student Service Committee


October 15, 2004


Members Present:                                                     Members Absent:

Susan Heathershaw                                                      Wesley Hawkins – excused/center

Janice Richards                                                 Douglas Patton, Jr – excused/center

Gary Jones                                                                   Elizabeth Gibbons – excused/center

Charleen Eagle Elk                                                       Carolyn New Holy-Williams??

Stephanie Kindle                                                          Cornell Ruff – excused/center

Lynn Ecoffey                                                                Holly Provost – excused/payroll

Thalia Cook                                                                 Mark St. Pierre - ??

Charles Pourier                                                 Evelyn Eagle Bull – excused/center

Romaine Tobacco                                                        Ginna Arguello – excused/center

Wendy Jacobson

Patricia Red Eagle

Emma Gallego

Tracie Gallego

Sherri Ten Fingers

Mitzi Youngman

Sylvia Hollow Horn

Elizabeth Geboe - PWO Rep - HeSapa

Vienna Kills Warrior

Darleen Bear Killer

Shirley Lewis

Keeley Clausen

Steven Potter

Sam Gardipe, Jr.

Tawa Ducheneaux

Jennifer Sierra

Colleen Provost

Monique Sioux Bob

Loretta Red Feather

Leslie Heathershaw



















Janice Richards, President, called meeting to order at 10:11 AM.

Sam Gardipe – opening prayer


*Devonna Lone Wolf

A. Excused absences

         or phone calls to Devonna for absence

            B. Assessment/survey/charges

            C. Election

                  1. Volunteering for election to hand out surveys

                       Vienna Kills Warrior                  Pat Red Eagle

                        Emma Gallego              Lynn Ecoffey

                        Loretta Red Feather                 Charleen Eagle Elk

                        Jennifer Sierra                           Monique Sioux Bob


            D. Charge – develop survey for what kind of dormitory the students would want


*Leslie Heathershaw

   Suggested drop box for students at each center for complaints

*Devonna suggests everyone look over student handbook for any needed changes       



*Review of minutes dated 9-10-2004

            *Motion to approve – Steven Potter

            *2nd – Charlene Eagle Elk

            *All in favor


*Review of member list

            Remove Connie Hammock

            Update emails

            Excused  -Sis, Wes, Cornell, Liz , Doug, Ginna– Manning Centers

-         Holly P. – Payroll


*Janice Richards – Charge –

            Everyone read the student handbook by next All Staff Meeting



            - not ready for review

            - Keely Claussen – the college has received extra money $73,500

                                        - extended deadline

                                        - Students can resubmit applications

                                        - Deadline October 22nd

                                         - Only for students who didn’t already get a scholarship

*Meeting adjourned


- Motion by Shirley Lewis

            - 2nd Darlene Bear Killer

            - All in favor