Student Service Committee


November 12, 2004


Members Present:                                                     Members Absent:

Janice Richards                                                             Tracie Gallego – Sick Leave

Douglas Patton, Jr                                                        Sam Gardipe, Jr – Annual Leave

Mark St. Pierre                                                            Wesley Hawkins – excused/center

Steven Potter                                                                Elizabeth Gibbons – excused/center

Gary Jones                                                                   Carolyn New Holy-Williams -???

Charleen Eagle Elk                                                       Cornell Ruff – excused/center

Evelyn Eagle Bull                                                          Tawa Ducheneaux - ???

Keeley Clausen                                                            Colleen Provost - ???

Emma Gallego                                                  Connie Hammock - ???

Thalia Cook                                        

Vienna Kills Warrior

Monique Sioux Bob

Leslie Heathershaw

Sherri Ten Fingers

Mitzi Youngman

Wendy Jacobson

Lynn Ecoffey                                                   

Loretta Red Feather

Shirley Lewis

Patricia Red Eagle

Romaine Tobacco

Ginna Arguello                                                 

Stephanie Kindle                                                         

Elizabeth Geboe - PWO Rep - HeSapa

Jennifer Sierra

Darleen Bear Killer

Susan Heathershaw

Sylvia Hollow Horn

Charles Pourier

Holly Provost                                                  



Leslie Mesteth – Registrar Office

Shirley Brewer – Financial Aide

Lamoine Pulliam – Veterans Upward Bound















 November 12, 2004


Janice Richards, President, called meeting to order at 11:15 AM.

Sylvia Hollow Horn – opening prayer


*Review of minutes dated 10-15-2004

  Changes made to Excused members – Doug Patton & Ginna Arguello

            *Motion to approve – Doug Patton

            *2nd – Sylvia Hollow Horn

            *All in favor



  - Shirley Brewer from Financial Aide

-provided and went over minutes from 10-4-04 Scholarship Meeting

-On 10-8-04 more funds available and had special Mtg. Minutes provided.

-Sylvia Hollow Horn ask about Grad Studies Scholarships

    - No qualified applicants

    - Will monies carry over to next year?

    - Shirley didn’t know

            *Motion to approve Scholarship Awards – Loretta Red Feather

            *2nd – Lynn Ecoffey

            *All in Favor


*Registrar Changes

  - Leslie Mesteth from the Registrar Office

            Provided paperwork for changes of the Transcript Request & Student Handbook

            - Fee up to $4.00 for 1st Official

            - $2.00 for each additional copy

            -Requires name & address update which will help in the Billing Office

            -1 free transcript per semester for Full-time Students

            -Includes area for credit card payments

            -discussion concerning all areas above

      *Motion to approve Registrar Changes – Steven Potter

      *2nd – Shirley Lewis

      *All in favor


*Veterans Upward Bound

  - Lamoine Pulliam & Mark St. Pierre

            - Tuition Waivers for all veterans who have exhausted their G.I. Benefits

            - Veterans w/ less than Honorable Discharges can get tuition waivers, but cannot

               be in the Veterans Upward Bound Program

            -VUB is helping Vets w/ paperwork to any discharge papers

            -Janice - Is there a process set up for @ Registration?”

            -Lamoine - Will go into effect Spring Registration ‘05

            -Leslie M. – Computer system is now set up to show “Veteran Waiver”

                             - Billing Office sees so not to charge

            -Lamoine – List of all Vets in VUB will be distributed @ Registration.

            -Need to refund those Vets who have paid tuition

            -VUB will be moving to the Lakota Fund Building

                        Classroom Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – open ‘til 8:00PM

                        Teaching basic classes for all vets to help prepare them to be college ready

                        No remedial classes will be needed

            -Leslie H. – copies of discharge papers in archives for those OLC has honored

            -Clarification of G.I. Bill verses OLC Tuition Waiver


Break for lunch



What does Oglala Lakota University mean to us and what do we as Student Service Committee need to do to make this happen?

This was a round table discussion –

**I may not have gotten all names down with their ideas – thoughts – opinions**


*Better access to the internet

*Laptops to all students

*Library at all centers – talk in place already for one in Pine Ridge

*Diversity and bringing in other cultures


*Mark St. Pierre –Overall academics – academic enrichment

                           - Dormitory – serve functions & activities

                            -More areas of study –structure  

Example: Fine Arts - our culture is about Music/Dance/Art yet we don’t offer classes to teach more of it

*Darlene Bear Killer – added to Marks comments of Fine Arts

*Janice Bear Killer – Community Needs Assessment reservation wide

                               - Dorms – Offer to everyone, enrolled and non-enrolled members

                               -Student Union Centers including Library and study centers

*Facility improvements

*Student Loans

*Centers to include dorms – gyms – more “team” athletics to promote the talent on our  


*Adult Education (Mark) discussion over having community workshops

                             (Susan) is apart of C/CED however not enough money to provide

                                          quality w/shops and when provided not much success.

*Expand the Masters Programs

*Open Door Policy

   -admissions process will need to be changed

*Jennifer Sierra – Education Dept. is already doing a lot of these things and successful

*Deliverance of classes – Do we stick with one 3 hour classes or change to three 1 hour

     classes as other institutions do.

   *How will this affect our faculty?  Drive time, etc.

*Shirley Brewer – Assessment – ACT’s – SAT’s or any other tests/assessments to see

      where our students are academically.

   -What to do w/ remedial students

   - Implement proficiency exams @ end of sophomore year

*Ginna Arguello – Tuition Fees – will they need to be raised?


** CHARGE ** Raise Technology Fees


*Student Loans brought up again – Shirley B. informed that it would never happen


*Lakota Language – discussion held that we have students completing Language I & II and not able to speak.


*Look back – need to see if we are doing what we said we would do presently. Do those things first.

*Create the community assessment survey



*Meeting adjourned – 1:48 PM


- Motion by Susan Heathershaw

            - 2nd -  Charleen Eagle Elk

            - All in favor