Student Service Committee


December 3, 2004


Members Present:                                                     Members Absent:

Janice Richards                                                             Charles Pourier -excused

Tracie Gallego                                                              Evelyn Eagle Bull – Annual Leave

Cornell Ruff                                                                  Wesley Hawkins - excused

Tawa Ducheneaux                                                        Vienna Kills Warrior - excused

Gary Jones                                                                   Ginna Arguello -excused

Sam Gardipe, Jr                                                           Sylvia Hollow Horn- Sick Leave

Steven Potter                                                                Douglas Patton, Jr- excused

Keeley Clausen                                                            Colleen Provost

Emma Gallego                                                  Elizabeth Geboe

Thalia Cook                                                                 Romaine Tobacco

Elizabeth Gibbons                                                        

Leslie Heathershaw                                                      

Wendy Jacobson                                                         

Lynn Ecoffey                                                               

Loretta Red Feather                                                    

Connie Hammock

Shirley Lewis

Patricia Red Eagle

Carolyn New Holy-Williams

Stephanie Kindle                                                         

Jennifer Sierra

Darleen Bear Killer

Susan Heathershaw

Holly Provost                                                  

Monique Sioux Bob

Sherri Ten Fingers

Mitzi Youngman


 December 3, 2004


Janice Richards, President, called meeting to order at 12:45 PM.

Cornell Ruff – opening prayer


*Review of minutes dated 11-12-2004

            *Motion to approve – Cornell Ruff

            *2nd – Shirley Lewis

            *All in favor



  - Shirley – Attendance on page 9 – last sentence

  - Lynn – Who should be doing the dropping?

- Tawa  & Keeley - Dropping on classes held 2 times a week

- Gary – Should it read “5 three hour classes?

- Wendy – “Classtime” concerning the difference in the Nursing Programs clinicals

- Keeley – What should be in the catalog concerning the differences in the Math and

      Nursing Classing?

-Tawa – Dropping after missing 15 hours in classes?

-Keeley – each Dept. needs clarification


-Wendy – Typo on page 3

            Needs add “Registered” Nurse as some think OLC offers LPN degrees




Tawa – Comments on high usage

Pat R.E. – Nursing students are using – they send out letters ahead of time to the students

Loretta – Students in the Graduate Program are coming in to the PRCC wanting to Pre-

   Register - unsure of where paperwork goes and time lines

Janice – Should we include the “Pre-Registration” info in the handbook or is this to be

              left up to those Departments that use it?



*Page 50 – Deb Carpenters name needs to be taken out.

*Page 6 –Time Limits on Credits to be transferred – 10 years??????

*Page 12 – Coma on 2A is in the wrong place

*Page 17 – Grant – this ends in a preposition

*Page 44-45 – Complaint Procedure has an extra space

*Page 49 – Hattie Twiss Awards – the wording needs work

*Back Page – Typo on HeSapa College Center

*Page 3 – ADM Associates – licensure needs to read “RN”


*Tawa – Younconca Stories – Suggests that we need to start this again

********* CHARGE TO HUMANITIES*************



Concerns on BlackBoard/Face-to-Face Attendance Policy

-Janice we will continue to next meeting


*Charge concerning Technology Fees

- Keeley – where does the money go to ??

-Devona – NSF has paid in prior years – that money is now gone and not available

              -OLC will now need money

              - As of now the Tech Fees is going towards Tech Support



*Wendy – Cost of Assessment –

            - Dr. Girad is handling this and not our responsibility at this point


*Janice – We need to make sure that if we put something out there to the public – we

     need to make sure that we ARE doing it!




- Jennifer S – The policy stated only seniors are eligible for this but there is other

                     students doing this??

-Shirley – Adjunct Faculty – are they allowed to approve this??




Devona – this will also be looked at during Advisory Training


*Community Assessments - are completed and distributed already by Ursula and Dr.


-         Students & Housing Surveys will be done next



      *Motion to adjourn – Shirley Lewis

      *2ndLeslie Heathershaw

      *All in favor

***Meeting Adjourned – 1:30 PM*****