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By Jonnie Clifford, Asst to VP of Instruction
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[dir] archives [18 Files]5.6 MB2007-Nov-06 
[dir] cancelled [7 Files]446.4 KB2014-Aug-28 
[dir] summer [4 Files]1.8 MB2014-Jun-18 
[dir] xls [40 Files]8.6 MB2016-Sep-06 
[jpg] 1.jpg82.2 KB2007-Apr-27 
[jpg] 3.jpg86.0 KB2007-Apr-27 
[pdf] calendar.pdf295.8 KB2014-Jan-21 
[xls] FA2014.xls146.0 KB2014-Jul-28 
[pdf] FA2015.pdf626.0 KB2015-Sep-11 
[xls] FA2015.xls150.5 KB2015-Apr-23 
[pdf] FA2016.pdf506.0 KB2016-Aug-23 
[pdf] FA2017.pdf642.8 KB2017-Sep-27 
[pdf] FA 2017.pdf620.9 KB2017-Apr-20 
[pdf] FA2018.pdf614.1 KB2018-Sep-17 
[pdf] FA2019.pdf666.2 KB2019-Sep-11 
[xls] FA2019.xls149.0 KB2019-Apr-30 
[pdf] Fall 2018 Book Distribution Schedule.pdf137.5 KB2018-Aug-06 
[pdf] Fall 2018 Schedule and Book Prices.pdf1.1 MB2018-Aug-16 
[pdf] Fall 2019 Book Distribution Schedule.pdf108.7 KB2019-Jul-15 
[pdf] Fall 2019 Textbooks and Prices.pdf461.1 KB2019-Aug-20 
[pdf] Fall_2016_Book_Distribution_Schedule.pdf75.5 KB2016-Jul-19 
[pdf] Fall_2016_Schedule_and_Book_Prices.pdf786.6 KB2016-Aug-10 
[pdf] Fall_2017_Book_Distribution_Schedule.pdf135.6 KB2017-Jul-21 
[pdf] Fall_2017_Schedule_Book_Prices.pdf772.9 KB2017-Aug-09 
[pdf] Oglala eBooks 8.11.16.pdf306.6 KB2016-Aug-12 
[pdf] Oglala Lakota QR Codes.pdf1.0 MB2016-Aug-12 
[pdf] Oglala_Match_Sp_17.pdf442.3 KB2017-Jan-09 
[pdf] Scheduled_disbursement_dates_FA17.pdf354.3 KB2017-Nov-17 
[pdf] Scheduled_disbursement_dates_SP17.pdf356.3 KB2017-Mar-28 
[xls] SP2015(1).xls144.0 KB2014-Nov-13 
[pdf] SP2015_SCHED.pdf755.4 KB2015-Jan-07 
[pdf] SP2016 1-12.pdf621.7 KB2016-Jan-20 
[pdf] SP2016.pdf704.3 KB2015-Nov-09 
[pdf] SP2017.pdf520.9 KB2017-Feb-09 
[pdf] SP2018.pdf463.5 KB2018-Feb-07 
[pdf] SP2019.pdf511.9 KB2019-Jan-31 
[pdf] SP2020.pdf538.8 KB2020-Feb-04 
[pdf] Spring 2016 Schedule & Book Prices.pdf1.1 MB2016-Jan-07 
[pdf] Spring 2019 Book Distribution Schedule.pdf106.4 KB2019-Jan-11 
[pdf] Spring 2019 Schedule Book Prices.pdf878.8 KB2019-Aug-14 
[pdf] Spring 2020 Book Distribution Schedule.pdf115.9 KB2019-Nov-13 
[pdf] Spring 2020 Schedule and Book Prices.pdf810.6 KB2020-Jan-14 
[pdf] Spring_2017_Schedule_and_Book_Prices.pdf730.2 KB2017-Jan-11 
[pdf] Spring_2018_Book_Distribution_Schedule.pdf136.1 KB2018-Jan-17 
[pdf] Spring_2018_Schedule_and_Book_Prices.pdf809.5 KB2018-Jan-09 
[doc] SUMMER 2007 COURSE SCHEDULE.doc79.5 KB2007-May-08 
[pdf] Summer 2018 Schedule Book Prices Final.pdf692.1 KB2018-May-21 
[pdf] Summer Schedule 2018.pdf167.4 KB2018-May-15 
[pdf] Summer_2017_Schedule_and_Books.pdf554.0 KB2017-May-16 
[pdf] Summer_Schedule_2016.pdf136.9 KB2016-May-03 
[pdf] Summer_Schedule_2017.pdf102.4 KB2017-May-03 
[pdf] Summer_Schedule_2019.pdf244.4 KB2019-May-15 
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