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Education Philosophy of Assessment

It is the belief of the Education Unit of Oglala Lakota College that assessment is a fundamental part of providing quality preparation programs for PK-12 teachers and principals. Assessment provides vital data. That data is used to guide program improvement ensuring the provision of high quality programs for the purpose of graduating highly qualified, reflective educators.

The Education Unit believes that assessment is a diverse and multifaceted process - gleaning evidence from an array of sources at various transition points in candidate preparation. The Education Assessment System follows the Four Directional Model set forth in the Conceptual Framework. It begins in the West examining candidate performance based on multiple measures collected at various transition points. It then moves to the North where faculty performance including overall unit faculty and course evaluations are collected. From there it moves to the East where individual program performance is examined on a semester basis utilizing candidate and faculty performance data, as well as ratings of program effectiveness by interns, graduates and principals. The circle is completed in the South on an annual basis where unit performance is examined and fed into the overall assessment system of Oglala Lakota College.

The Education Assessment System is grounded in the strategic plan of Oglala Lakota College, the Education Unit's conceptual framework and program outcomes, as well as in the state and professional standards for teaching and administrative programs. The cycle begins with gathering purposeful data, moves to reviewing, discussing and reflecting upon findings to make informed decisions, then onto enacting change before beginning the cycle over again. Ultimately, the Education Assessment System will improve program offerings to better prepare candidates for their chosen fields in education.

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