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By Shannon Amiotte, Dean of Education
email: Shannon Amiotte

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[dir] annual_reports [11 Files]11.2 MB2019-Sep-19 
[dir] BOT Reports [1 File]2.1 MB2019-Oct-12 
[dir] co-curricular_activities [2 Files]298.1 KB2018-Sep-13 
[dir] department_assessment_plans [355 Files]155.5 MB2015-Apr-22 
[dir] Education Assessment System [57 Files]8.3 MB2013-Apr-22 
[dir] education_minutes [101 Files]13.3 MB2022-Apr-07 
[dir] education_PLOs [6 Files]132.4 KB2019-Oct-20 
[dir] institutional_effectiveness_plans [10 Files]3.9 MB2021-Sep-14 
[dir] institutional_effectiveness_reports [11 Files]5.5 MB2021-Sep-14 
[dir] retention_plans [1 File]445.3 KB2014-Oct-02 
[dir] SD DOE Accreditation [5 Files]10.3 MB2019-Oct-21 
[dir] Title II Reports_Education Department [12 Files]116.0 MB2021-Jul-20 
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