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By Shannon Amiotte, Dean of Education
email: Shannon Amiotte

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[pdf] ECH213 Planning & Administrating ECH Programs_LWells_FA2017.pdf493.0 KB2017-Oct-02 
[pdf] ECH223 Materials & TechniquesI_LWells_FA2017.pdf476.7 KB2017-Oct-02 
[pdf] ECH223 Materials & TechniquesI_Rainey_FA2017.pdf317.5 KB2017-Aug-25 
[pdf] ECH233 Curriculum For Self Awareness_Rainey_SP2018.pdf539.5 KB2018-Feb-12 
[pdf] ECH243 Early Childhood Specialty Internship_Rainey_FA2017.pdf350.1 KB2017-Aug-25 
[pdf] ECH243 Early Childhood Specialty Internship_Rainey_SP2018.pdf583.1 KB2018-Feb-12 
[pdf] ECH 253 Parental, Staff & Comm Involvement_VMakesHimFirst_SP2018.pdf539.7 KB2018-Feb-12 
[pdf] ECH323 Materials & Techniques II_LOlsen_FA2017.pdf492.4 KB2017-Sep-08 
[pdf] ECH323 Materials & Techniques II_Rainey_FA2017.pdf324.2 KB2017-Aug-25 
[pdf] ECH363 Family Literacy_Rainey_FA2017.pdf318.6 KB2017-Aug-25 
[pdf] ECH383 Methods Of Assessing Young Children_Rainey_FA2017.pdf320.6 KB2017-Sep-04 
[pdf] ECH403 Social Emotional Growth & Socialization_GRC_Rainey_FA2017.pdf357.9 KB2017-Aug-25 
[pdf] ECH403 Social Emotional Growth & Socialization_Rainey_SP2018.pdf539.7 KB2018-Feb-12 
[pdf] ECH423 Early Learning & Development_Rainey_SP2018.pdf541.6 KB2018-Feb-12 
[pdf] ED213 Child Growth & Development_LOlsen_FA2017.pdf485.6 KB2017-Sep-08 
[pdf] ED213 Child Growth & Development_TBauck_FA2017.pdf437.1 KB2017-Sep-08 
[pdf] ED213 Child Growth & Dev_GWinter_SP2018.pdf900.3 KB2018-May-01 
[pdf] ED213 Child Growth & Dev_TGibbons_SP2018.pdf430.8 KB2018-Feb-12 
[pdf] ED283 Foundations of Education_DCross_SP2018.pdf461.3 KB2018-Feb-12 
[pdf] ED283 Foundations of Education_TBauck_FA2017.pdf459.6 KB2017-Sep-08 
[pdf] ED283 Foundations of Education_TBauck_SP2018.pdf472.1 KB2018-Feb-12 
[pdf] ED303 Children's Literature_JBrewer_FA2017.pdf598.7 KB2017-Sep-27 
[pdf] ED303 Children's Literature_JBrewer_SP2018.pdf601.7 KB2018-Feb-26 
[pdf] ED303 Children's Literature_LOlsen-SP2018.pdf662.1 KB2018-Feb-12 
[pdf] ED303 Children's Literature_TER_FA2017.pdf662.2 KB2017-Sep-27 
[pdf] ED303 Children's Literature_TER_SP2018.pdf507.3 KB2018-Feb-12 
[pdf] ED303E Indian Studies_LOlsen_FA2017.pdf482.9 KB2017-Sep-08 
[pdf] ED303E Indian Studies_TER_FA2017.pdf558.1 KB2017-Sep-27 
[pdf] ED303E Indian Studies_TER_SP2018.pdf497.1 KB2018-Feb-12 
[pdf] ED303E Indian Studies_Virtual Campus_Rainey_SP2018.pdf592.3 KB2018-Feb-12 
[pdf] ED313 Ed Psychology_TBauck_SP2018.pdf468.1 KB2018-Feb-12 
[pdf] ED313 Ed Psychology_WYoung_FA2017.pdf708.5 KB2017-Sep-27 
[pdf] ED323 MS Concepts_LOlsen_SP2018.pdf476.3 KB2018-Feb-12 
[pdf] ED323 MS Concepts_MJFairhead_FA2017.pdf176.3 KB2017-Sep-22 
[pdf] ED323 MS Concepts_TER_FA2017.pdf568.4 KB2017-Sep-27 
[pdf] ED 443 Methods of Teaching Lang Arts_GRC_TBauck_FA2017.pdf422.7 KB2017-Sep-27 
[pdf] ED473 ST Seminar_LOlsen_SP2018.pdf568.0 KB2018-Feb-12 
[pdf] ED473 ST Seminar_TBauck_FA17.pdf612.1 KB2017-Sep-08 
[pdf] ED473 ST Seminar_TBauck_SP18.pdf686.3 KB2018-Feb-12 
[pdf] EDECH402 Methods Of Music & Art_GRC_Rainey_FA2017.pdf332.7 KB2017-Aug-25 
[pdf] EDECH402 Methods Of Music & Art_LOslen_FA2017.pdf503.3 KB2017-Sep-08 
[pdf] EDECH413 Methods of Teaching Reading_LOlsen_SP2018.pdf517.8 KB2018-Feb-12 
[pdf] EDECH413 Methods of Teaching Reading_TBauck_FA2017.pdf441.9 KB2017-Sep-08 
[pdf] EDECH423 Methods of Teaching Math_Rainey_SP2018.pdf541.0 KB2018-Feb-12 
[pdf] EDECH433 Methods of Teaching Science_MBrave_FA2017.pdf633.8 KB2017-Sep-08 
[pdf] EDECH453 Methods Of Teaching Soc Studies_JFuchs_SP2018.pdf435.2 KB2018-May-01 
[pdf] EDECH453 Methods of Teaching Soc Studies_MIronCloud_SP2018.pdf1.2 MB2018-May-10 
[pdf] EDECH462 Methods Of Teaching Health & PE_LOlsen_FA2017.pdf527.0 KB2017-Sep-08 
[pdf] EDLK489 Student Teaching_SAmiotte_FA2017.pdf569.6 KB2017-Sep-28 
[pdf] ExEd313 Intro To Exceptional Ed_DCross_FA2017.pdf728.3 KB2017-Sep-27 
[pdf] ExEd313 Intro To Exceptional Ed_IWilson_SP2018.pdf701.8 KB2018-Feb-12 
[pdf] ExEd313 Intro To Exceptional Ed_LOlsen_SP2018.pdf578.9 KB2018-Feb-12 
[pdf] ExEd453_653 Classroom Management_LOlsen_FA2017.pdf613.1 KB2017-Sep-08 
[pdf] EXED473 Transitions & Comm Resources_MReiser_FA2017.pdf3.0 MB2017-Oct-30 
[pdf] Math234 Math for Elem Teachers I_MStambach_SP2018.pdf522.5 KB2018-Feb-12 
[pdf] Math244 Math For Elem Teachers II_GRC_AWright_SP2018.pdf506.1 KB2018-Feb-12 
[pdf] Math244 Math For Elem Teachers II_MStombach_FA2017.pdf505.4 KB2017-Sep-22 
[pdf] ScEd443 Reading in the Content Area_WYoung_SP2018.pdf974.8 KB2018-Mar-06 
[pdf] Sci204 Integrated Science I_MBrave_SP2018.pdf292.2 KB2018-Feb-26 
[pdf] Sci214 Integrated Science II_MPeacock_FA2017.pdf545.3 KB2017-Oct-02 
[pdf] Sci214 Integrated Science I_MBrave_FA2017.pdf812.3 KB2017-Sep-08 
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