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By Tom Raymond, Education Department Chair
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[pdf] Goal_SLO_Alignment_Jan2013.pdf102.3 KB2013-Apr-22Alignment of Education Department Goals and Student Learning Outcomes to Teacher Preparation Standards
[xls] Ed_Dept_Course_Objective_Alignment_Rev2_Oct2013.xls47.5 KB2013-Nov-15Matrix provides an alignment of Student Learning Outcomes by Course
[doc] EdDept_AssessmentPlan_final_revised_august2013.doc83.5 KB2013-Oct-25Provides a detailed description of the Education Department Assessment Plan
[doc] EdDept_AssessentAlignment_revised_august2013.doc86.0 KB2013-Oct-25Provides a matrix of Education Department Assessment Data Points by course
[docx] EdDept_Assessment_Cycle_revised_august2013.docx15.9 KB2013-Sep-13Provides an overview of Education Department Assessment Data Collection Points
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