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[docx] LakotaValuesRating.docx15.5 KB2013-Apr-25Rating Scale to assess Student Learning Outcome 1.2 based on attributes developed from student input
[doc] EducationPhilosophy_Rubric_Dec2013.doc52.0 KB2013-Dec-11Rubric Designed to Assess Educational Philosophy
[doc] InstructionalUnitPlan_Rubric.doc78.0 KB2013-Dec-11Rubric Designed to Assess Instructional Unit Planning
[] LessonPlan_Rubric63.0 KB2013-Apr-22Rubric Designed to Assess Lesson Planning/Presentation
[docx] Assessment_Task_Tool_Rubric_nov2013.docx22.0 KB2013-Dec-11Rubric Designed to Assess Performance Assessment Tasks and Tools
[docx] Technology_Project_Activity_Grading_Rubric.docx17.9 KB2014-Jan-18Rubric Designed to Assess Technology Projects
[docx] InstructionalProject_Rubric_sp2013.docx16.7 KB2013-Apr-25Rubric designed to assess creative projects such as posters, learning games, learning centers, etc.
[docx] LakotaPerspective_Presentation_Rubric.docx19.9 KB2013-Apr-25Rubric designed to assess specific Lakota Perspective presentations
[docx] LakotaPerspective_ResearchPaper_Rubric.docx20.3 KB2013-Apr-25Rubric designed to assess specific Lakota Perspective research papers
[dir] Student Teaching Assessment Forms [9 Files]1.1 MB2013-Apr-22Student Teaching Observation and Evaluation Forms
9 Files - 1 FoldersTotal size: 1.4 MB   
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