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Jenni Rodin, Foundational Studies Chair, Email, Phone
Dianne Amiotte, Instructor, Email, Phone
Grady Brunsch, Instructor, Email, Phone
Thedna Zimiga, Instructor, Email, Phone
Veronica Jones, Instructor, Email, Phone
Sandy Byrd, Instructor, Email, Phone
William Young, Instructor, Email, Phone
Stephanie Charging Eagle, Instructor, Email, Phone

For many years OLC has offered development courses in reading, writing, and math resulting in the successful transfer of underprepared students into college level work. However, the institution recognized that more could be done to help students gain the necessary skills to take important and active roles in their communities. OLC has responded to that need.

During the 2005-2006 calendar year the administration of OLC determined to take a stronger approach to improving student success rates and retention. The Foundational Studies Department was formed, bringing committed developmental educators from assessment, humanities, and the math departments to begin training and researching ways to improve services to underprepared students entering our institution.

Included under the umbrella of Foundational Studies are developmental educators in both Reading/Writing and Math as well as TRIO, Student Support Services, and the GED program.

Be sure to browse the pages and get to know our faculty. We also offer many valuable tools for both faculty and students to learn how to improve student retention and success.

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