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By Susanne Auer, Social Science Instructor
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[pdf] General Education Goal.pdf12328.3 KB2018-Jul-28Rubric used to assess the general education goal
[pdf] GEO2_rubric.pdf63452.8 KB2017-Aug-11GEO 2 rubric used in 2013-14
[pdf] GEO2_rubric_Fa17.pdf11519.6 KB2018-Jul-28GEO 2 rubric used in 2017-18
[pdf] GEO3_rubric.pdf78651.2 KB2017-Aug-11GEO 3 rubric used in Spring 2015
[pdf] GEO4_rubric.pdf98485.2 KB2017-Aug-11GEO 4 rubric used in Fall 2014
[pdf] GEO5_rubric_Sp18.pdf7527.7 KB2018-Jul-28GEO 5 rubric used in 2017-18
[pdf] GEO6_rubric.pdf65278.4 KB2017-Aug-11GEO 6 rubric used in Spring 2016
[pdf] GEO7_rubric_Fa17.pdf6415.4 KB2018-Jul-28GEO 7 rubric used in 2017-18
[pdf] GEO9_rubric.pdf57287.9 KB2017-Aug-11GEO 9 rubric used in Fall 2015
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