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By Kim Bettelyoun, Humanities Department Chair
email: Kim Bettelyoun

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[dir] Art_Assessment_Material [23 Files]552.3 KB2013-Mar-13 
[dir] art_gallery_for_students [0 Files]0.0  B2014-Sep-19 
[dir] assessment [0 Files]0.0  B2014-Sep-16 
[dir] degree_offerings [0 Files]0.0  B2014-Sep-16 
[dir] department_handbook [0 Files]0.0  B2014-Sep-16 
[dir] department_overview [0 Files]0.0  B2014-Sep-16 
[dir] English_Assessment_Material [9 Files]343.5 KB2013-Mar-13 
[dir] faculty_and_non-faculty_orientation_power_point [0 Files]0.0  B2014-Sep-16 
[dir] humanities_minutes [35 Files]1.1 MB2012-Dec-29 
[dir] MASTER_SYLLABI [69 Files]22.9 MB2013-Mar-13 
[dir] Social Science_Assessment_Material [10 Files]427.5 KB2013-Mar-13 
[dir] Spring_2013_Syllabi [42 Files]16.9 MB2013-Mar-13 
[dir] status_sheets [31 Files]6.9 MB2014-Sep-16 
[dir] syllabus [104 Files]32.5 MB2013-Mar-13 
[dir] webgallery [23 Files]14.0 MB2013-Sep-24 
[] webgallery_view[Link]N/AThumbnail Webgallery View
[pdf] A.A._in_fine_art.pdf210.9 KB2012-Aug-28 
[pdf] B.A._in_english_communication.pdf99.0 KB2012-Aug-28 
[pdf] B.A._in_social_science.pdf114.2 KB2012-Aug-28 
[pdf] HO_YEKIYAPI_OKICICUPI_2011_2012.pdf3.5 MB2013-May-05 
[pdf] HO_YEKIYAPI_OKICICUPI_2012_2013.pdf1.7 MB2013-May-05 
[pdf] HSS Faculty.pdf1.5 MB2013-Sep-04 
[pdf] humanities_degree_app.pdf424.3 KB2012-Aug-13 
7 Files - 15 FoldersTotal size: 103.0 MB   
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