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A Few Questions and Answers

What Is Social Science?

Social science challenges us to go beyond common sense understanding of the world we live in. Just about any question you can imagine about what human beings and societies do is "fair game" for the social sciences - you are guaranteed to find something that interests you!
OLC's BA in Social Science includes courses in anthropology, sociology, geography, history, and political science. The interdisciplinary approach challenges students to develop a critical appreciation for the issues, challenges, and possibilities of our time.

What Can I Do with a Degree in Social Science?

Here are just a few of the many possibilities:

  • conduct archaeological research locally or abroad,
  • direct community development and public health projects,
  • use it as a step toward high school and university teaching,
  • go to law school,
  • work in many occupations that value flexibility and all-around preparedness

How Long Does it Take to Get a BA in Social Science at OLC?

You can get a BA in 4 years if you take 4 to 5 classes per semester. A big advantage of this degree is that it lets you take MANY electives, so you can sample other subjects alng the way to your BA. You will always find classes that count toward your degree.