OLC Nursing Department

Faculty Meeting:

November 2, 2012


Members Present:  Joan Nelson, Michelle Bruns, Sharon Cordova, Laurie Dunn, Linda Delong via pictel


1.       Prayer/words of encouragement

2.       Approval of minutes from Sept. meeting

3.       Announcements

a.        Thanksgiving Potluck

b.      December

c.       Vacancy Annoucement for Nsg Dept Chair has been posted

d.      Instructional Division –Faculty Development Nov. 9th 9-3

e.      ATI visit date

f.        Lisa Dillon – Tribe

g.       EHR/RPMS training/curriculum

4.       Old Business

a.        Review/revise drug policy for next student handbook/addendum to current

b.      Sim Center RC update – Linda, Video Conference on Sim Admin -  Joan/Michelle

c.       Individual course assessment forms for Spring and Fall, then on-going

5.       New Business

a.        Advising per district

b.      Departmental minutes

c.       Change in clinical facility for Spring for Level Two’s

d.      NLN-AC situation

6.       Student Issues

a.        Level One – Academic Probation/other

b.      Level Two – Academic Probation/other




1.        Words of encouragement



2.       Approval of minutes from Sept meeting


3.       Announcements

a.thanksgiving  potluck

b.December –bring cookies





c.vacancy announcement



d. faculty development




e.  ATI visit






f. Lisa Dillon – from Tribe






g.EHR/RPMS training








Old Business

a.        Review /revise drug policy for next student handbook/addendum to current











b.      Sim Center RC update  update Linda/ SIM ADMIN – Joan/Michelle










c.       Individual course assessment forms – for spring and fall 2012, the on-going

 New Business

a.       Advising per district






b.      Departmental minutes


c.       Change in clinical facility







d.      NLN AC situation





Student Issues

a.       Level One; academic probation/other



b.      Level Two; academic probation/other



Next Meeting:




Joan asked that we remember those on the East coast





will plan on having dinner on potluck Tues the 13th at noon so that we do not have 2 Thanksgiving dinners in one week that way


December will bring cookies 3rd -10th


vacancy for Chairperson has been posted


coming up this Friday Nov. 9th at Piya Wiconi



-Tammy ? from ATI will be visiting in December – she could be here from the 10th through the 13th.  We may not have the $6800 to spend  on the Clinical Scenarios


Tribe received money that they would like to spend on teaching CNA courses – if done during day it would require extra duty contract, or could be done as contract for evening


Possible curriculum project being submitted – is federal funding available for EHR/RPMS training







We have no wording regarding readmission.  Suggestion that first drug test be held in April during interview, prior to admission.  Suggestion that upon readmission that if a student who is readmitted that was previously dismissed due to drugs, fails a drug test, they are automatically dismissed without a repeat drug test.  Spring drug testing should be conducted early in semester.



WDT new President has stirred up some unrest; a lot of equipment available- not dead, just moving slowly

Rapid Regional does have Sim SD- a mobile unit


Streaming Healthy Sim Admin – we have access to archived files for 6 months



Joan passed out forms – going to all instructors




No longer required to go out to each district and sit there to advise.





Need to be posted


Are looking at staying at the VA for the Spring semester instead of Fall River – due to increased acuity and physicians working with students.  Future of VA is fluid at this point anyway.


Joan should have paperwork ready to go by next week.  Once we receive candidacy status, we have 2 years to full accreditation



One student issue brought up and discussed

Two students on academic probation


Four students on academic probation total between two courses



December 10th and possibly the 11th





Laurie made a motion to approve 2nd by Sharon – unanimously approved


Joan will bring turkey and dressing



































Linda made a motion to remove the word “random” and the “in the Fall semester” from the 2nd line from page 14 of the student handbook, 2nd by Laurie.  Motion passed unanimously.


Joan will make the necessary changes to handbook.






Linda will check on availability on mobile unit – is a form to fill out for the Simulation in Motion










Due by the end of the semester – will be responsible for on semester basis




Review each student you are responsible for and email them course suggestions.  Specify Fall Semester and currently enrolled.  Try to also put them into different levels of basic, pre and nursing.



Joan will need to update all MOUs.  Sharon has already discussed will Sue Sauter our staying at the VA.

Person responsible



























Joan and Laurie






Cliff, Tom Jacobs from IHS, Jim Dudek will be the resource people