OLC Nursing Department

Faculty Meeting:

                                                                                              Date: 8/14/2013


Members Present: Michelle Bruns, Chair, Sharon Cordova, Laurie Dunn, Wendy Jacobson, Darcy Forester, Linda Delong via pictel


1. Approval of Minutes

2.  Announcements

      Budget standings

3.  Old Business 


4.  New Business

      a. Heidi Bulman-NAU

      b.  Academic probation

      c.  Using Google Docs

      d.  Review Student Handbook

      e.  Retention

      f.  Morale Builder for students

      g.  ATI exit exams




Commencement: 9:15



1.      Approval of minutes









Budget report





3.      Old Business











4.      New Business


    a. Heidi Bulman-NAU






    b  Academic probation





    c.  Using Google Docs





     d.  Review Student  





     e.  Retention







     f.  Moral Builder for   






      g.  ATI exit exams









Adjourned 12 noon













Michelle reported our budget status, explained the codes and how donations will be used.



Plans for orientation were finalized.












We have an articulation agreement with NAU.  Ms. Bulman, Chairperson of NAU wants to meet with students about going on to a BSN.


Sharon presented several forms for academic probation.




Linda presented information on using Google Docs.




Handbook was reviewed.





We adopted the early alert system.  Michelle discussed various ideas for success labs.





Michelle would like to have “student of the quarter” award.

Students will vote also.




Faculty reviewed ATI exit exam policy in handbook.  Sharon expressed frustration about her problems with the leadership ATI exam, which seems to be consistent with other faculties’experience.



Motion to approve March 2013 minutes by Laurie, seconded by Linda.  Unanimously approved.







Michelle will continue keep us informed of our financial status each meeting.



We plan to have check points for CPR, immunizations, and a procedure for dealing with students who have incomplete admission documents.  Theresa Bettelyoun will have a library orientation, We will review selected handbook topics, uniforms, and student organization.




Recommended meeting time is Tues noon in September for all students.  We will contact former grads also.



We will be using the early alert system to intervene when students are failing class and/or clinical.


We will all consider using this technology to enhance our teaching/learning process.



Language on stop out requirements was refined.




The early alert system form will be adopted with some minor changes to the form.





We will develop some guidelines and criteria for “student of the quarter” award.




Discuss with Tammy Dutton, ATI mentor, options to improve student achievement and compliance with remediation.




     Person responsible
















Michelle, Christie and all.